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The Complete Hotel Review Of Our Stay in Casa Paracas in Peru

Paracas is a destination everyone should visit while they are traveling across Peru. It is the home of one of the most beautiful National Reserves in the country, Paracas National Reserve.

The beaches of Paracas are approximately 250 km south of Lima and it is the perfect place to take advantage of the warm summer weather almost all year round.

The main thing to do in Paracas National Reserve is to take the tour of the Golden Shadow and to visit the Ballestas Islands. Our trip to the Ballestas Islands was nothing short of incredible.

We were able to see penguins, sea lions, tons of birds including the boobies and unique rock formations to the area. In the Ballestas Islands Tour you will also see the famous Paracas Candelabra, which is a similar geoglyph to the Nazca Lines.

We stayed at Casa Paracas, a boutique hotel centrally located one block from the beach. Even though Paracas is a small town It could not have been a more perfect place to experience Paracas for the first time! We felt at home as soon as we walked in the door. 

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Our Room in Paracas

The accommodations are really impressive at Casa Paracas, both in quality and design. There are eight unique guest rooms that range in price from $90 – $135 per night depending on the season and availability.

We stayed in the spacious Athens room, which includes a Queen Sized Bed, high-definition TV, free WiFi, a mini fridge, a safe and a chicly-designed bathroom. The room decor was very modern, clean and minimal as we expected from a hotel near the beach.

Out of all the room amenities, the plush linens were what impressed us the most. It was an awesome feeling coming back to such a soft and comfortable bed. It made getting up in the morning very tough! Depending on which room you stay it can accommodate up to 4 people.

Homemade Breakfast

Every morning Casa Paracas offers a fresh buffet breakfast that includes warm out of the oven bread, freshly squeezed orange juice, a range of meats and cheeses, eggs made to order, fruits and yogurt. It is the perfect way to fuel your body for a day of adventures ahead.

Relaxing Common areas

Casa Paracas has two common area lounges equipped board games, a TV with Playstation and a rooftop terrace with a beautiful ocean view. They also offer a 46 feet vessel to rent and cruise around Paracas bay. The Yacht is fully equipped with kitchen, bathrooms and a lounge with TV.

How to Get to Paracas

If you are planning to get to Paracas from Lima by car you can take the South Pan-American Highway to go to Paracas. The total 250km drive is about 3 hours, depending on which part of Lima you are coming from. The route does contains tolls, so make sure to have cash on hand.

There are also several bus options from Lima that stop in Paracas including the popular Peru Hop bus, which also takes you to a handful of other popular destinations across Peru.

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The complete hotel review of Casa Paracas in Peru

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