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The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide For Male Travelers

Whether it is your father, brother, son, husband, boyfriend or friend, who loves traveling, they will really appreciate a travel related gift for the upcoming holidays, their birthday or any other day of the year! Get them the perfect gift with our travel gift guide.

In this gift guide for male travelers we share all the perfect gifts for that special nomad in your life. Get the man in your life the best holiday gifts! We have chosen items with a range of prices to meet your gift giving needs. The most important thing is to make traveling light and fun!

Looking for the best gifts for the special man in your life? Here is the perfect gift guide for male travelers!

 Gopro Hero 8

The brand new Hero8 Black has premium audio, 4 digital lenses, and you can create a super smooth SloMo effect from the built-in stabilization. If you like adventures the GoPro Hero8 is perfect for you. It takes almost no space and takes amazing 4K video and 12MP photos.

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GoPro Accessories Bundle

If your special guy already has a GoPro or other action cam, then spruce up his shots with some well deserved accessories. There are plenty of options for every sport or adventure. We highly recommend the 3-way camera grip, extension arm or tripod, perfect for selfies.

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 BluBlocker Sunglasses

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from sun damage but they also are so stylish. Look great in your photos!

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Activity tracker

It can be hard to keep up with your exercise routine while traveling. An activity tracker keeps you on top of your game while exploring the world. Also many of them have smartphone notifications built in, for a cheaper version of a smartwatch.

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External Battery pack

If you own any sort of cell phone, tablet or other USB charged device on your trip, an external battery pack is a must. You do not want to be stuck carrying around outlet converters and hunting down power sockets in the middle of the day.

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When traveling it is necessary to have a pair of headphones. You never know when a child will start crying or when there is a good movie in the plane. Always be prepared and travel with headphones.

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RFID blocking wallet

As technology advances on our passports and credit cards, you have to change the way you protect yourself. An RFID blocking wallet will keep all your essential information out of the hands of potential thieves.

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Garment Bag

One of the worst things about traveling is wrinkled clothes when you arrive. Not only are your shirts and pants kept in tip top shape with a garment bag, it also helps organize your socks, underwear and other small items.

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TSA friendly backpack

Keep all you travel gadgets, electronics and tech accessories organized with a travel friendly bag. At the same time it allows you to speed up your trip through airport security, by separating your laptop from the rest of the bag. Make your next trip a breeze and never leave anything behind in a grey bin with the TSA friendly bag.

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Smart Lock

When traveling having a lock is key in order to keep your belongings protected. Never forget your lock combo with the RFID enabled lock.

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 External Hard Drive

The best gift you can give a blogger is the security of having their photos and content backed up. These hard drives are the perfect gift for any blogger who needs to backup all of their photos. We learned the hard way when we lost all the content we produced on our Eurotrip.

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The best gift for a frequent traveler is the luxury of reading on the go and not having to worry about the weight of the entertainment. By giving an e-reader you are saving room and weight from any traveler. It is the traveler’s dream come true. It will be a great gift if you also get them an Amazon Gift Card for them to buy their first E- book.

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 Canon M6

This small mirrorless camera takes the perfect high quality images and videos along your adventure. Being lightweight and compact means this camera can fit in any size bag.

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Manfrotto Travel Tripod

After years of traveling we realized that the best photos of us as a couple came from a tripod. We found by asking fellow travelers for help that everyone knows how to take a picture but not how to take the perfect picture. We now always travel with a tripod to get the perfect shot.

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