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The Ultimate Two Day Travel Guide to Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is the small capital city of Slovakia with only 500,000 people. The city is perfect for a weekend getaway or a day trip from Vienna, being only one hour away by bus. 

UFO Bridge Bratislava

Bratislava is a charming city, but with only a few main attractions it is possible to see the city in just one or two days. Two days is better if you want to have enough time to visit beyond the Old Town and go outside to the countryside, famous for its wine. 


The best things to do in Bratislava Travel Map

What to do in Bratislava in 2 days:

The Old Town

The Old Town

The Old Town of Bratislava has the majority of the city’s landmarks. It is a beautiful and charming part of the city. It is great to wander around the Old Town area and find fantastic photo opportunities. Our favorite places to visit in the Old Town are the Hlavne Namestie (the main square), the Old Town Hall (Stara Radnica), the National Theater, the St Martin’s Cathedral, The Michaels Gate and Cumil Statue. 

Slovak National Theater

The Slovak National Theater features ballet, opera and Theater performances. The Theater has two venues, a new one and an old one. The old theater is located in the Old Town and is a beautiful building with the influence of its 1890’s architecture. 

St Martin's Cathedral

St Martin’s Cathedral is on the west side of the Old Town. Here is where 11 Kings and Queens and 8 of their consorts were coronated during the times of the Hungarian Kingdom. 

Michael's Gate

Michael’s Gate was one of the four medieval gates protecting the east entrance to Bratislava. You can climb up the gate to the 6th floor viewpoint of the Bratislava Castle and the Old Town. The entrance fee is 4€ and only cash is accepted. 

Bratislava Castle

Cumil the Sewer Worker statue is located between the Laurinska and Panska Streets a block away from the Slovak National Theatre. 

Cumil the Sewer Worker statue

While a majority of the streets in the old town offer its own unique charm, make sure to walk down Michalska, Farska, Kapitulska, Venturska, Panska and Laurinska for the best experience. 

Bratislava Downtown statues

The Old Town of Bratislava is not that big. You can easily walk it in less than two hours while stopping to explore some stores and take photographs.

Bratislava Downtown

Presidential Palace

Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace is located right outside the Old Town. Even though you cannot go inside the Grassalkovich Palace as it is the residence of the President of Slovakia, it is a beautiful building with nice gardens that you can freely enjoy. 

Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle

The Bratislava Castle is where the Hungarian Kingdom coronated their kings. Today, the castle is still under restoration but it remains open to the public and has a museum with exhibitions covering Slovakia’s history from the Middle Ages up to the present.

It is not the most grandiose castle in Europe but it is definitely worth the visit. From the castle you get a wonderful view of the city and the UFO Bridge. 

Heydukova Street Synagogue

It is the only Orthodox synagogue still standing in Bratislava since 1926. It is still being used for services and it is preserved as a Slovakian National Monument. Today, on the second floor there is a small museum with a little bit of the history of the Jewish Community in Bratislava before the Second World War. 


Slavin Monument

This monument to the Soviet Casualties that lost their lives during the liberation of Bratislava in WWII, is located on the Slavin Hill. As a higher point in the city, there are also great panoramic views over Bratislava from this point.


Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (UFO Bridge)

UFO Bridge

The first thing that caught our attention when when entering the city is the UFO Bridge. We have seen all types of bridges around the world, but none as unique as this one! This modern bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in the city.

Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising

Atop the bridge pylon is a flying saucer shaped observation deck accesable by elevator. You can either enjoy a delicious meal or admire an spectacular view from their viewing platform. 

Slovak Radio Building

Slovak Radio Building

I think it is one of the coolest buildings I have seen in my life. It looks like an upside down pyramid. Located a bit out of the way versus the other attractions in Bratislava it is probably not worth a walk to see on its own, but if you decide to take the red bus sightseeing tour it does drive passed the building. 

Primate’s Palace

Primate's Palace

Primate’s Palace is a 18th century neoclassical palace behind the main square in the Old Town. The main thing to visit in the palace is the Hall of Mirrors. 

The Church of St. Elizabeth (Blue Church)

Blue Church Bratislava

The Church of St. Elizabeth is by far our favorite attraction in the city. It looks like a cake and it is one of the most beautiful and unique churches we have seen. It was built in the early 1900s with an art nouveau architecture style. It is beautiful from the inside and the outside. Unfortunately, when I visited it was closed but the doors have windows where you can see the interior design.

Church of St. Elizabeth

Bratislava Murals

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Old town charm and 20th century brutalist architecture collide in the east-meets-west capital city of Slovakia. With a burgeoning creative scene and delightfully good food, my city guide shares what to do in bratislava in two days

The Ultimate Two Day Travel Guide to Bratislava

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