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10 Tips To Feel Fresh And Clean During a Long Flight

After years of traveling I can safely say that a long flight can be the worst thing on earth. Luckily, I can fall sleep anywhere which makes traveling easier and when it is a long haul it is more convenient. Starting with the A/C that dries out your skin, the lack of space to move and being stuck with the same clothes for hours makes long flights a nightmare. In this guide I am sharing my top 10 tips for feeling refresh and clean after a long flight.

10 tips for feeling fresh on a long-haul flight:

1. Pack another change of clothes

Empaca otra muda de ropa

The first thing I do when packing my carry on is to add change of clothes. It includes a pair of socks, shirt, jeans/pants and a pair of underwear. I normally try to dress comfortable, with a loose shirt and a nice pair of comfortable pants. Prior to landing or at the airport I will change to a nicer change of clothes. It is easy to fall asleep if you feel comfortable.

2. Bring wipes and face/hand creams

Keep your face and skin moisturized

The airplane is always cold and dry due to the A/C. Therefore, your skin dries out. Bring little bottles of cream for your hands and for your face. This will help you feel more refreshed and will add a nice smell to your face and arms. One of the things that I always avoid before getting into a plane is using makeup, I do it upon the arrival. Your skin needs to feel clean and it needs to breath. Do not put more stress on it.

3.  Keep your deodorant and perfume with you

I know it might sound a little odd, but the most important thing for you to feel fresh and clean is to always keep yourself smelling good. The best way is to use perfume before you depart and use deodorant regularly while traveling for long flights.

4. Bring your brushes with you

Brush your teeth while you are in the airport. It will help you feel more fresh when you wake up after a long flight. There is nothing more refreshing than having your teeth clean. I also bring my floss. Also, bring your hair brush so you can brush your hair, keep it untangled and more beautiful. I always bring a little bit of moisturizing cream for my hair as well.

5. Bring liners/pads with you

It is a little personal but let’s be honest this is a must when traveling, I had too mention it. Pads/liners help canceling out odors, which is precisely what you want when traveling for long period of time. I love U by Kotex because they not only look comfortable but they also look cute.

6. Bring a empty water bottle

If traveling on a budget or not, it is always good to have a bottle of water that you can refill whenever you want. Do not bring it full because you cannot bring it passed security. It is important to be hydrated the whole flight it will make you feel refreshed and it will even make you feel better. Do not worry about going to the bathroom many times. I love using my CamelBak insulated bottle because it keeps my water cold.

7. Sleep

What I do to avoid jet lag is to prepare my body for the change of zones. I normally sleep in the flight so I do not get bored, but once I arrive to the destination I do not go to bed until it is night time, even if I am dead tired. It will set your sleeping schedule to your new time zone pretty quickly.

8. Check in first or pay the upgrade for an emergency exit

Yes, it is a responsibility to seat in the emergency exit door but the bright side is that you get extra legroom and more space to move around. The only downside is it is always a full row and you cannot keep your bag at your feet.

9. Bring your own pillow

I remember when I went in a tour from Ecuador to Israel and all the other tour members were making fun of me for bringing my own pillow, but by the end of the trip (3 weeks between busses and airplanes) more than half of them bought actual size pillows and told me that it was the best decision they made. It kept them more comfortable on both long and short rides.

10. Look for empty rows

Always look for empty rows in the back of the airplane. It will be nice if you are lucky and get a free row by yourself. You can make your own bed and sleep the whole flight.

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Tuesday 4th of February 2020

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