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Tips For Girls For Their Next Outdoor Adventure

No matter the season, it is time for an outdoor adventure. The Great Outdoors means being at one with nature, enjoying some physical challenges and new experience. But what should you pack? What should you take? Here we will tell you the essentials that you need to pack for an outdoor adventure:


You cannot take a suitcase on a hike, instead you will need a sturdy and large backpack. This is the foundation of an enjoyable adventure. There are many kinds of backpacking packs available, some of them are specifically designed for women. They are lighter, smaller and are shaped to fit the women’s bodies better. Choose a high quality backpack that is waterproof, with a capacity of at least 50 liters. Make sure it has a solid frame to make carrying easier, with plenty of pockets, and ventilation. All of these things will make your adventure easier and more comfortable for you.

Sleeping Bag

Choosing a sleeping bag that is suitable for any condition can become expensive. So decide if you want a 4-season sleeping or just a light one for warm nights or a heavier one for colder climates.

Some backpacks have a sleeping bag compartment for easy storage. You may also want to take hand warmers to warm your sleeping bag or to put in your coat pockets during colder weather.


Some backpacks have a hydration reservoir so that you can drink as you go. You can also get a
separate hydration pack to attach to yourself or to the backpack, saving you the time and effort from stopping to drink along the way. You can also carry a regular water bottle. Hydration salts are always a valuable aid to rebalance your electrolytes. Just add one to your water for maximum hydration, but do not use too many as it can cause salt imbalances. Do not be tempted to keep going without hydration, you could end up very ill and stranded.


Food and Cooking

The lightest of camp cookers is a Propane Stove, a small and light metal stove that takes almost
no room in your backpack, and can boil water and foods with a small propane. If you prefer a bigger stove or are cooking for a number of people, a lightweight gas burner is the better, although heavier, option. The best food to pack and carry are army style rations, dehydrated, precooked or compressed meals that are lightweight but easy to prepare. Also do not forget to pack tea, coffee and sugar. It is nice to have some home comforts during your outdoor adventure.

Proper Clothing

Packing the correct clothing is an important part of any outdoor adventure. Outer layers such as lightweight waterproof leggings and raincoat are essential. They are easy to overlook, but make all the difference if you meet bad weather on your adventure. You will need comfortable and robust pants such as trekking pants. There are various types are available, from super lightweight to waterproof and winter pants. You may want to take thermal leggings for under your pants, suitable for nights or cold weather.

For tops, you may want a thermal under-layer again, and loose fitting t-shirts, base layer long
sleeve tops, and jackets. Many women’s t-shirts are close fitting and these are not ideal for allowing moisture and sweat to evaporate. Loose cotton tops are much better.

Aim for comfort with your underwear. Cotton is great as it is breathable and easy to wash. Sports bras are also worth investing in. Heavy duty walking socks are best, you can get anti-blister ones, and you may want a few pairs of light cotton socks for around the campfire.

Last but not least, do not forget a hat, scarf and gloves if you need them, but of course pack for the weather you are going to experience!


So, now that you have your backpack, sleeping bag, hydration, food, cooker and clothes. What else might
you need?

  • Flares
  • Matches
  • Compass or GPS
  • Mobile Phone
  • Flashlight or Lantern and batteries
  • Map
  • Water Purifying Tablets

Health and Hygiene

Take all the usual toiletries, soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant (take
a strong one). Most of these items are available in travel varieties, light and easy to carry.
Make sure you have plenty of any prescription medications as well as painkillers,
antihistamines and bite and sting relief.

Also consider if you need contraceptives or period delay medication. Period delay medication is something that many overlook, but it can make the difference between an awkward adventure holiday and a great one.

Pack carefully, roll your clothes and sleeping bag into small compressed sizes. Start by packing big and heavy items first, and then small and light items on the top of the bag. Make sure any daily essentials are easy to reach. Most importantly, get out there and enjoy your adventure!

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