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8 Tips to avoid overpacking


Generally we pack more than we need when traveling. Every time we think we will use something and it ends up that we took the item for a free trip. The bad thing is when either you have to carry your own bag or when it is overweight and you need to pay the extra fees. There are simple ways that can help you to avoid overpacking, and we will share these 8 simple packing tips that we use every time we travel.

1. Find out weather and type of activities you will be doing


The most important thing before start packing is to find out the weather of your destination. This can be a game changer. Once you know what type of weather is going to be, look for the type of activities there are to do. Once you get the right information, you can easily figure out what types of things you need to pack.

2. Make a checklist of what you will need


In this step, you already know what you need but it is easier to have a better control of what you are packing and to realize if you are taking too many unnecessary items.It will help you keep a list of the items you are bringing with you, which is good in case you are afraid of forgetting something or need to make a travel insurance claim.

3.  Roll your clothing


I do not know if it is true or not but my grandma used to say it weighs less when you roll your clothes. Plus rolling allows you to fit more clothes and prevent wrinkling. It also helps visualizing how many things you are packing. The more free space you have the better you are getting at packing.

4. Pick your shoes


You do not need 3 or more pairs of shoes when traveling. You might need a nice looking one that help you look fancy and chic and another one to use all day while you are discovering your new destinations. I normally carry a pair of sandals (cute ones of course) and my running shoes. We love hiking and walking so my running shoes are part of me by now. However, if you go to the beach then you need another pair of beach sandals or into snow and then you take your boots.

5.  Go back and recheck what you have packed

Before you even weigh your luggage and think you are done, go back and recheck what you have packed. Then ask yourself over again “Do I need this for this trip?” By the end you will realized that you might take half of what you packed the first time.

6. Weigh your luggage

Weighing your luggage always help to avoid paying ridiculously fees. Even if it is under the travel allowance, it is important to know how heavy your bag is and if it is worth the weight to carry everthing.

7. Keep your toiletries together


You do not need to take your whole bathroom with you, let’s be honest, when traveling you use less stuff that when you are at home. So, do not take them all. Select the most important items such as facial cream, make up, sun screen ,deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and of course shampoo and conditioner. I always try to have a set of travel sized bottles already packed in my travel bag. I select small makeup samples and brushes to take with me. I have two kits one for everyday use and one for traveling.

8. Keep the heavy things in your carry-on or wear them.

Airlines or some busses have strict requirements how much your bag can weigh. The best way of getting around it is to wear heavy items, for example boots. Shoes, jeans and jackets are the heaviest things people normally pack in their luggage. So, the best thing is either to wear them or to carry them in your carry on. Most airlines do not weigh your carry on, as they are more worried about the size. Make sure though, we do not want you to pay an overweight fee!

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Sunday 24th of July 2016

Nice tips! I use most of them and it works. Also, you shouldn't forget that you might buy other things from your destination. You could pack some old clothes or stuff that you almost run out of, so that you can throw them/finish them and replace them at home. You'll make some extra space.