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How to get the best Selfies

10 tips to get the best selfies

When traveling we all want to get the best possible photo of ourselves and sometimes we get overwhelmed. We can not always get the perfect photo with everyone in the picture, give up and just take a landscape picture. Yet, what is the point of that? Get yourself ready and do not worry, the following tips will help you get a better selfie photo so you can brag to friends and family on your social media accounts.

1. Bring your tripod along


I know sometimes it can be a pain but it is worth it even if you only ended up taking one picture. You will get a beautiful photo without the ugly arm in the picture. This is helpful in areas where there are not many people to ask for taking a picture of yourself.

2. Forget about selfie sticks

Menorca FB-4

I am not fan of selfie sticks. Not only they in a way ruin your photo by showing your arm, but they do not get the angle you might be wanting for the picture. At the same time many locations have banned their usage. Also, keep in mind that when using a selfie stick you are most likely using the front camera, which has a lower resolution and fewer photo capabilities. The only times I like using selfie sticks are when I am doing some sort sport or outdoor activities, where carrying a tripod is not an option or when I want silly pictures of myself with friends or Steven.

3. Do not be afraid of asking

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Do not be afraid of asking someone to take a photo of you. Make sure to ask if they want a photo taken of them in return. Be careful and trust your gut. Do not give your camera to people who do not look trustworthy. Find someone with a professional camera, as they are more likely to know what they are doing and will be more open to take more pictures for you. If you do not like the picture ask them for another or thank them and ask someone else. Do not worry, no one will get offended by that and if they do, well you will never see them again.

4. Get a good equipment

Getting a beautiful is sometimes as easy as investing a good camera. It does not have to be a professional one, but look for one with high megapixels and with the option for manual shooting. It is good to experiment with your camera and to learn how to use it in manual, you will get better pictures. If you need some tips on how using manual let us know and comment below we will be more than happy to help you out.

I love bringing my GoPro everywhere with me, not only it is more resistant and smaller, but it also can get wet and that is a huge advantage. Also, if using a GoPro for a selfie, it will automatically have a good resolution, unlike many cell phones.

5. Be creative


Try new things and do not be ashamed of what other people think of your poses. I already told you, there is a high chance you will never see these people again. So, embrace your imagination and go be different!

6. Do not be in a rush


Take your time and do not leave without your perfect picture. Steve knows what I am talking about. When I want my jumping picture I am not leaving until I get it, even if that means jumping over a dozen times. Sometimes you think it is not worth spending time to get the picture you want, but in the end you will regret not spending five more minutes to get the best shot. Normally, I wait for people to move out of the particular shot so I can get a picture of just myself. As I have said before, patience is the biggest virtue of a traveler.

7. Get inspired

Pinterest TraveltoBlank

In your free time spend time in other people’s social media accounts to get inspiration for your future travels. You can find a lot of travel bloggers and travel photos in Pinterest, Instagram and even on Facebook.

8. Know what you want


Knowing what you want from a photo is important because it will help you get a good picture and will help if you ask someone to take the picture for you or to set up the tripod. It requires some thinking. Even professional photographers know what they are aiming for before they snap a picture. However, also snap photos in the moment and be mesmerized with the results.

9. Lighting is important


You need to be careful and not forget the most important part of a photo, the lighting. Light can change the whole picture and make it amazing or really bad. If it is sunny outside do not step into a shadow for your picture, as you will just be a dark mass. Also keep in mind that the best time to take pictures is early in the morning for two reasons: First, not many people will be in your pictures and second, the light is less strong and way better.

10. Multiple shots


Why get only one photo? When using a digital camera you can take many options and then pick for the right one. Try using the multishot function in your camera and you will see it pay off. Yet, do not just take an endless number of photos without thinking, as you are looking for the best of the best photos.

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Shrinidhi Hande

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

but if you have to ask someone else to click that is no longer a selfie right?

Anyway useful tips

Travel To Blank

Saturday 20th of August 2016

If you don't tell anyone, it is still a selfie!


Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

Some very useful tips. I had to laugh picturing someone jumping up and down over and over while someone snaps a picture. I know exactly what you mean though. I get so discouraged sometimes that I just give up and I know I shouldn't but I start to get self conscious. I'll work on it because the pictures you posted are awesome. You clearly put some effort into them.