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12 Most Instagrammable Places in Colorado

Steven and Jazmin met in Colorado, while we were studying our undergrad at the University of Colorado Boulder. In total we lived in Colorado for almost five years. The time we spent in Colorado was priceless, not only did we get a great education, but we met each other!

We got to enjoy the best national parks, beautiful landscapes and amazing outdoor activities that the country has to offer. Colorado is really diverse and has a lot of different options that accommodates to every type of vacation.

12 Top Instagram Spots in Colorado:

The Instagram Travel Guide to Colorado:

1. Maroon Bells in Aspen

Maroon Bells in Aspen

Known as a ski resort town, Aspen has something to offer in every season. A visit to Maroon Bells National Park provides breathtaking landscapes just a short walk from the visitor’s center.

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2. Sand Dunes National Park

Sand Dunes National Park

You might think that Colorado is all luscious green landscapes until you arrive to Sand Dunes National Park. Hike into the dunes for the day or even camp there overnight to enjoy the best view of the stars in the sky you will ever experience.

3. Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is a unique perspective into the history of the land and its inhabitants. Explore the well preserved cliff dwellings of the Pueblo people dating back over 1000 years. Imagine a whole city carved into the side of a cliff protected from outsiders by its very nature.

4. Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Drive on over the continental divide in Rocky Mountain National Park. There is over 400 square miles of beautiful aspen laden landscape with more than 300 miles of hiking and walking trails. No matter the season you might experience a snowflake or more at the higher elevations.

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5. Denver


While the natural features of Colorado come second to none, its cities are quite an experience as well. The capital city of Denver, also known as the mile high city has something for everyone to enjoy. There is the pedestrian 16th Street Mall, major sports stadiums, and more craft beer than you can count.

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6. Boulder


The modern city of hippies and home to the University of Colorado’s flagship campus makes Boulder an eclectic experience not to be missed. Take a walk down Pearl Street to enjoy a bite to eat and the many interesting shops. Right at the edge of town you can hike up the unique flatirons in Chautauqua Park.

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7. Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks

by: rjones0856

Red Rocks is home to one of the most beautiful open air amphitheaters in the country. Surrounded by huge vertical rocks on either side, it makes it the perfect venue to enjoy a fantastic sounding concert of any genre. If you are unable to make it to one of the many live concerts, the park is open daily for regular recreational activities.

8. Garden of the Gods Park

Garden of the Gods Park

The striking natural formations of the bright red rocks will leave you in awe before you even enter the Garden of the Gods. There is an easy walking path that takes you to all the iconic formations across the free park. If it is a clear day you can also see Pikes Peak, one of Colorado’s majestic 14ers.

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9. Hike to Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake

Outside of Glenwood Springs is the stunning Hanging Lake. Take a hike to the breathtaking oasis in the mountains. Just do not forget that you will be 7000′ above sea level, so no need to push yourself too hard.

As an added reminder, as there are plenty of signs some Instagrammers ignore, do not to enter the lake or step on the log!

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10. Four Corners Monument

 Four Corners Monument

How many states can you visit in one day? Well how many states can you be in at one time? At the Four Corners Monument you can be in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona all at the same time!

11. Steamboat Springs

Take a dip in Strawberry Springs hot springs of Steamboat. Enjoy the natural steaming hot mineral water surrounded by towering green mountains.

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12. Glenwood Springs

With all the mountains and snow in Colorado there is of course plenty of flowing rivers. Along the Colorado River there are many companies you can hire to take advantage of the exciting white water rafting. Spend the day on the water, with a range of difficulty levels for every desire.

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