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Top 3 Things You Should Do While In Cebu, Philippines


Heritage, mouth-watering food, and tantalizing beaches – these are some of the top reasons one would want to explore a particular tourist destination. The Philippines’ very own Cebu ticks off all these boxes. As the oldest Philippine city (discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in April 1521), it will never run short of places for luxury and relaxation.

Best three things to do in Cebu:

1. Take a slice of history

Cebu has been the birthplace of Spanish colonization in the Philippines. Visiting its historic places is vital in every traveler’s itinerary.  Feel sanctified in the oldest Roman Catholic Church of the country – Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu

Magellan’s Cross, meanwhile, is one of Cebu’s most visited places as it signified the dawn of Catholicism in the country. The Mactan Shrine is another staple landmark that is worth visiting, in honor of ancient Filipino hero Lapu-Lapu. Now you will find great amusement in Cebu’s Provincial Museum (a.k.a. Museo Sugbo) with remnants and artifacts that are nicely organized.

Other key places to visit: Kota Park, Colon Street (Philippines’ first official street), Taoist Temple, The Heritage of Cebu Monument

ebu serves home to real, appetizing food

2. Take a real bite as well (literally)

Cebu is home to really appetizing food. If you have any doubt about it, the late Anthony Bourdain even dubbed Carcar City’s lechon (roasted suckling pig) as the “best tasting pig ever”. What actually sets it apart from the competition is the lemon grass filling and spices packed in the pig’s carcass.

Now if you are a fanatic of exotic food, dig in on Cebu’s salt-water eels (bakasi) or indulge with some pig brains (tuslob buwa). The city’s best-tasting dried fish (danggit) is a very tasty snack that is best for munching on your way home.

For tired and weary souls, Cebu will definitely allow you to rediscover yourself and your drive with breathtaking waters and stunning marine life. Best tour and activities in Cebu won’t be complete without a visit to Nalusuan Island.

3. Wander in a paradise

For tired and weary souls, Cebu will definitely allow you to rediscover yourself and your drive with breathtaking waters and stunning marine life. The best tour and activities in Cebu will not be complete without a visit to Nalusuan Island.

It essentially has everything – endearing scenery, unbelievable fishing sanctuary, and a perfect snorkeling site. The gorgeous color combination of corals and fishes may even be enough to reset all of your accumulated stresses. If you have long dreamt of having a closer look at white tip and hammerhead sharks, then take time to visit the Moalboal Dive Sites. The waters are so clear that you can see the corals and small fishes beneath you.

If island hopping is your thing, Lapu-Lapu City allows you to rent out pump boats that can take you to up to 5 islets. On top of the calming sea breeze, you will surely feel the love of locals around too.

Are you a fan of gargantuan creatures like whale sharks? Head to Oslob and snorkel with whale sharks for a price of P1,000 for 40 minutes ($19.35).

BONUS: Consider it a blessing that Cebu is also a haven for night life. Your beer drinking and dance experience will surely get a boost from naturally accommodating Cebuanos.

Cebu is a complete tourist attraction. It has good food, rich history and architecture, and serene beaches it most known for. Summer is upon us, so what is keeping you from visiting this wonderland?

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