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Top 5 Travel Kit Essentials

Love to travel or have to travel frequently? Sometimes there are essential items that we don’t think of until we are already in the air or, worse yet, in another country looking for special Band-Aids. It happens.

Sometimes it is just easier to take essentials with you and not worry about the little things when you get to wherever you are going. Nothing like puts a damper on a trip like looking for extra camera batteries, you know the one that nobody in Germany has because it is an off brand?

Here is a top five list of things to bring with you when traveling.

If you have any other items in your essential travel kit, share with us know in the comments.

1. Baby wipes

Baby wipes or something similar such as pre-moistened wipes are a must. These little gems have so many uses when you are traveling. Pre-moistened wipes make great make up removers and facial wipes.

It is not uncommon in European countries to have no wash cloths in the bathroom. No need to carry your own wash cloth. These disposable wipes are perfect and fit easily in your purse or bag.

They are also great for wiping down the television remote and other surfaces in your room. Carry with you as a quick pick-me-up in hot weather hiking or touring.

2. First-aid kit

This may be obvious, but it will come in handy when you least expect it. Make sure it is stocked with essentials such as Band-Aids of assorted sizes, a pain reliever, an antacid, an anti-diarrheal, and antiseptic ointment.

If you have ever had to look for specialty items in the foreign pharmacy, you will understand the value of bringing essentials. If you are going to be doing a lot of walking, Band-Aids are essential for preventing blisters.

3. Zip-lock baggies

Zip-lock baggies have a number of uses, so get creative. The first and probably most important is to put your liquids in small containers into zip-lock baggies. This way, when the aircraft is pressurized and depressurized, if your bottles leak, they will leak in your big zip lock bag instead of inside your luggage.

Zip-lock baggies are great for personal hygiene items such as feminine products and Q-Tips. They also work well for vitamins and other non-prescription medications.

Not only do they keep water in, but they keep it out as well. Keep your phone, iPod, wallet or keys dry in the rain, at the beach or on amusement park water ride!

4. Expandable tote bag

A tote bag or small canvas bag. This may double as a day-trip bag on a bus tour or as a grocery bag at a market. Carry your beach items or any daily extras you might need. It might be necessary as an extra carry-on for souvenirs on your journey home.

Or, when you are headed home, use the tote bag for dirty clothes or clean clothes to separate from one another. Even something as simple as several grocery bags will give you an extra bag when you need it, and they are easy to pack.

5. Sewing kit

These little kits come in handy in a pinch. You never know when a button will pop off. Make sure it has the basics and plenty of safety pins. These are great for pinning up sagging hems and connecting zippers.

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Charlotte Poitras

Thursday 18th of February 2016

Dryer sheets are really useful too to make sure your clothes smell good in your suitcase :)

Travel To Blank

Friday 19th of February 2016

That is such a great idea! It might even give our clothes an extra use between washes. ;)

Rah Ul

Monday 8th of February 2016

Wow! I had never thought about carrying any of these with me while traveling. But now that you mentioned it, I think I might pack a thing or 2, next time I travel. Thanks for sharing :)

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