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Top Secrets to get the best deal in Airfares

After years of traveling and countless flights around the world, we have learned the inner workings of the airline industry. For your next adventure we have created four basic tips that will save you money on your airplane ticket purchase.

This is not a set in stone guide, rather four tips to consider during your planning stage. These tips work the majority of the time, making traveling more affordable. Be aware that the  exact dates and times might differ for a single destination or time of the year, but the simple tactics, when applied correctly will reduce your costs of every trip!

Best days to fly:


The best days for traveling are Wednesday, Tuesday and Saturday. The reason for it is because business people try flying either Monday or Sundays as well as normal tourist try to flight on Friday and Thursday to get a longer weekend without taking as many vacation days from work.

Best time to fly:


The worst time to fly is during the afternoon, it allows business workers to complete their day and families not to mess up their schedules, therefore, more people flying. That is why we always recommend getting in the night flights or really early flights, it can even save you from paying for an extra night to sleep.

Layovers are key:


Flying with a layover normally means a cheaper flight. It is worth spending a few extra hours in a airport and saving a lot of money. You can also look into making it an extended layover, giving you time to head out into the city, basically adding another destination to your trip for free! It is really up to your schedule allowance, if you only have a short time to travel, the extra cost can be worth it.

Be aware of the gateway airports around you:


Sometimes it is cheaper to travel from an airline’s hub airport than from the closest airport. Steven, who lives in Boston always checks flights from Manchester, NH or even New York. It might not be as close to home as the local airport but if the tickets are half the price, a short bus or car ride is not out of the question.

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