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Travel To Blank: The story behind the world traveling couple

Hello Travelers!

We are Jazmin and Steven Kreimendahl, and we love traveling the world and exploring all the wonderful places to visit. We met while studying our undergrad at the University of Colorado Boulder and have not stopped traveling since.

After Steven graduated we both quit our jobs and began a two month road trip around the United States. We visited 37 states and over 12 National Parks, ending the adventure in Florida with our wedding vows.

The next day we moved to Ecuador. In Ecuador we drove two of the main scenic routes: The Volcanic and the Spondylus Route. We also visited the Galapagos Islands and Amazonia region.

After a year in Ecuador, we realized we wanted to keep on learning and decided to study a master in Visual and Digital Media at IE University in Madrid. With our centralized hub in Spain, we visited over 16 European countries and toured Southeast Asia during our winter break.


Travel to Blank arose from Jazmin’s family always asking for advice on where they should travel and how to do it on a budget, but in a comfortable and safe manner.

We realized why not sharing it to the world? Let’s create a travel blog!

The blog started as Steven’s hobby, since he is passionate about writing. During the second trimester of our master’s program he had to work with a real client to establish a brand and generate a profitable business idea. Steven proposed to his classmates to work on his project, Travel to Blank, and that is when Travel to Blank became a what it is today.


We love traveling anywhere, sometimes we do not even know where to. We just jump into a car/bus/plane and go for the adventure. That is when the idea of blank came along.

We love traveling to ____.

We focus on creating walking travel guides to an ever growing list of destinations and cities. Our travel guides have a comprehensive lists of all the places you must see, experience, and photograph within each city and nothing more. They help you navigate through the endless supply of online travel guides and “things to do” lists. Even if there is a popular tourist attraction and it is not worth the visit, it does not make our list. It is better to enjoy your trip than say you saw a big nothing.

Bryce Canyon

The passion for traveling has always been part of us. To date we have visited over 44 countries and 300 destinations around the world. Come join our community and enjoy the adventure!

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Trees Rotteveel

Sunday 23rd of April 2017

I love this story and video!

Victoria Yore

Thursday 13th of April 2017

Omg love this post!!! Where in Florida did you get married???

Travel To Blank

Thursday 13th of April 2017

Right in Tampa. You can even see our official wedding photo on Jazmin's Instagram: