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Travel Life: 3 Relaxing and Adventurous Vacation Ideas Anyone Will Enjoy

North America is home to more natural wonders than many people actually realize. As one of the most beautiful continents in the world, the land is teeming with wildlife among its majestic mountains, tranquil plains, and within its many natural lakes, rivers, and streams.

As a vacationer, North America is a virtual paradise, yet the many choices to visit and experience might be overwhelming to the novice traveler.

If you’re considering taking a vacation, whether by yourself or with family and friends, forget the high-priced resorts and relax in the wild spaces of the continent. You’ll find that there’s plenty to do to keep you occupied, and much of what you’ll find will include activites that anyone of any age can enjoy.

Here, we’ll explore a few vacation ideas that are both adventurous and relaxing.

Trout Fishing

Among the many species of fish you’ll find living in the waters of North America, Trout is among the most prevalent of them. In total, there are known to be 11 species of Trout in North America, and they can be found in both saltwater and freshwater.

A Trout fishing excursion is fun for a single person wanting to get out into the natural world and explore the land just as much as it is for an entire family. In fact, trout fishing guides are common along numerous rivers, lakes, and streams throughout the United States and Canada.

Perhaps you’d like to fish for trout while vacationing in a cabin on a lake, or on a canoeing trip downriver. You can even fly fish for trout among many of the wild streams found in the western half of the country as well. And, if you’re willing to learn how to fish for trout, it’s one of the easier species to catch.

Berry Picking

Another great getaway, and one that can be delicious too, is to go on a berry picking adventure. With the vast forests that are found across the continent, numerous fruit-bearing shrubs thrive in the most picturesque areas around the country.

Blueberry picking is actually one of the more popular daytime activities that can be found on ranches and out in the wild public lands across the country.

States such as North Carolina have many areas where blueberries grow wild, and if you spend the day gathering, you might have enough to take and make goods such as muffins, pies, or any other sweet delight you can think of.

Berry picking might be one of the more obscure activities that people engage in while on vacation, but the popularity has actually caught more attention in recent years.

Diamond Hunting

Just like panning for gold in the hills of South Dakota, hunting for diamonds actually attracts a number of visitors every year to a special location in the United States.

Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is actually the world’s only public space that allows visitors to hunt for diamonds, and keep whatever they find!

Murfreesboro, Arkansas in Pike county is home to an ancient, eroded volcano where diamonds have formed naturally over time. Park visitors come from all across the globe and are allowed to bring their own mining equipment, though any motorized or battery operated tools are prohibited.

The park is home to an estimated 37-acre spread which is full of diamonds and other exotic minerals that are formed in the volcanic process. To date, more than 33,000 diamonds have been found in the park, including the Uncle Sam Diamond, a 40 carat monster that is the largest diamond ever found in North America.

Any vacation that includes getting out into the natural world can spark a sense of adventure. Whether you decide to go fishing, berry picking, or diamond hunting, these are activities that anyone can enjoy, and some of which might even prove to be a very lucrative way to spend your free time.

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