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The Ultimate Gossip Girl New York City Guide

Hello Upper East Siders! If you are a fan of Gossip Girl as much as I am you will love visiting all these places that will remind you of your favorite TV show moments!

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here is where Blair loved to hangout with her “friends” and pour yogurt on the heads of those who sat above her on the stairs.

Lincoln Center

This is where all the best black-tie events happened.

Central Park

A lot of events happened around Central Park such as the pond, where Blair used to go to feed the ducks with Dorota when she felt down, the Bethesda Fountain, where Chuck and Blair got married before the police showed up and the Conservatory Water, where Little J did her first drug deal.

Grand Central Station

Where Dan first saw Serena coming back from boarding school during the first show and where the story all began.

Dumbo, Brooklyn

Be on the lookout for the Humphrey’s house.

The Empire Hotel

The iconic hotel that Chuck Bass bought to start over.

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Ultimate Gossip Girl

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