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The Ultimate Lawson Camping Hammock Review

Hammocks are the latest trend in relaxation and nature enjoyment. Not only are they quick and easy to setup, but they suspend you off a cold, wet, snowy, muddy or bug filled ground. Nothing is worse than waking up from a rain shower to find out your tent is situated in a puddle!

Being so simple to use and comfortable, the Lawson Hammock provides the ultimate relaxation and rest spot no matter where in the world the adventure takes you.

All-in-one Camping Hammock

Unlike other two-strap hammocks on the market, the Lawson hammock provides a real hanging tent experience. Thanks to its spreader bar and arch pole system, you truly can have the tent experience in the air.

Due to the taut base, climbing in can be different than a regular gathered end hammock, where you just sit back. With its higher center of gravity, be careful the first few times getting in and out of your hammock to prevent you flopping out. We found it easiest to sit on one edge then scoot into the middle of the hammock, spreading out our weight as we get it.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock comes with a connected bug netting and a rain tarp that connects directly to the hammock itself. This means you do not need to carry any additional straps or stakes with you. If you do not need the fly netting, simply do not insert the arch poles and sleep on top of the netting to enjoy an open air rest.

It is important to note that the hammock does not ship with straps and they are sold separately. However, this is not an issue for us, as we already have several sets of suspension straps from previously owned hammocks.

Great for new or experienced hammock sleepers

For people just starting out sleeping in a hammock it can take some getting used to. Not only are you sleeping suspended in the air, allowing the hammock to swing like a cradle, but most hammocks leave you feeling like a cocoon.

Thanks to the spreader bar and arch support system you get the best of both worlds. A tighter tent-like base and the flexibility of a hammock. This way you can enjoy a restful and comfortable nights sleep from day one, without a learning curve.

Those of us who are hammock pros, the Lawson Hammock provides a more spacious bed with enough space to store additional camping or travel gear with you.

More than just a hammock tent

While camping in a hammock does come with its advantages, it is not always physically possible. In many places around the world, you will simply find yourself without two trees or other sturdy supports to hang the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock.

With the help of two stakes, you can simply use the hammock on the ground as a simple one-person tent. There are no more worries of finding a magic tree on the beach or being stuck in any other treeless landscape!

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