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The Ultimate Makeup Travel packing List

Jazmin does not normally wear makeup but she always takes it with her on our travels, just in case there is a special occasion or a photo shoot opportunity. As a traveling couple, you never know when there will be a surprise night date, opera show or other occasion.

When traveling every inch and every ounce counts, so let’s take just what is needed. Also, makeup can be quite expensive and with the less you bring, the less you have to keep track of! Jhe wrote this post to help all female travelers to take the essentials for beauty care and nothing more.

1. Spray Foundation

I love spray foundation because it is so easy to apply and honestly it is way faster and gives you a more even look quicker. I have used it for the past four years and everyday I love it more and more. Plus, there is nothing to break or leak while traveling.

2. Foundation Sponge

Foundation sponges are easy to grab. They help you get your foundation more even and with the perfect coverage without getting the foundation all over your hands.

3. Eye Concealer

I like the cream version more because it is compact and lasts longer than the liquid one. I can also use it with my fingers when I forget my brush and even with the foundation sponge if I have to. Plus, it will not leak in your makeup bag when altitudes changes.

4. Eyeshadow

I recommend you pick natural colors because it is easy to combine with any color of clothing and it will still light up your eyes.

5. Eyeshadow Brush

Well, if you are taking your eyeshadow you need your brush to apply it!

6. Bronzer

Who doesn’t like to look tan? Bronzer gives you a natural and beautiful tan color! It looks amazing when mixed with blush.

7. Bronzer Brush

Jaz loves her mini bronzer brush. Even though it is not the most convenient brush for travel, it gives the best effect when applying bronze.

8. Blush

Blush is the perfect companion to the bronzer. Even when you are in cold weather you always look like just came from the beach.

9. Blush Brush

I have a special brush for my blush so it does not get the bronzer color on it.

10.  Lipstick

I always take my lipstick with me. If for any reason I forget it, I also take lip balm, just in case I go to extreme weather, including bright sun, extreme dry or cold.

11. Lipgloss

To help make the lipstick pop the best thing you can use besides a lip pencil is a lipgloss.

12. Eyeliner

Use eyeliner to get the perfect look for your eyes and pop them even more.

13. Mascara

Pop those lashes by using your mascara, it brights up your eyes and make them look more alive. I use a travel sized one to cut down weight and size.

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