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We Learned Italian with Babbel and so should you – An honest review of Babbel

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At the beginning of 2019, I decided to learn Italian as my ancestry comes from Sicilia. In college, I became more interested in my roots and signed up for an Italian class, but I was so busy with other classes and work that it was impossible to keep up and I sadly did not continue learning for several years. After researching different language learning apps and programs, I decided to use Babbel to learn Italian. Keep reading for my full review and a special Babbel discount!

The biggest reason I want to learn Italian is to do what I love most, which is speaking. Speaking with locals allows me to better understand the culture and connect with each individual. Even being able to say hello or thank you in a local language can make such a big impact.

I am visiting Italy in November 2019 and knowing Italian will help me communicate better with the locals to connect on a more personal level. So far I am still in the beginner stage, but I cannot wait to have a full conversation by the end of the year.

My Experience Learning Italian with Babbel

What I love the most about my lessons with Babbel is that it only takes 15 minutes a day to learn a new language. Each lesson is enough to keep me interested and learning but not overwhelmed. You start learning helpful vocabulary, verbs and grammar rules from day one and I was already learning how to speak in short conversations. I do not expect to be able to give a speech in Italian in just one lesson, but it felt great to already be able to ask and answer some questions in a new language from the first day.

Babbel provides a solid foundation of vocabulary and grammar for any of the languages you want to learn. In fact, in each of the chapters you might learn 4 to 8 new things and the whole class will focus around those new concepts.

My favorite chapter so far has been learning about sports and how to talk about playing different games. I love my Liga de Quito and any chance to learn about local sports rivalries when I am traveling gives me a fun and unique peek into the local culture. You never know where in the world you will find a fellow fan!

Previously, my biggest issue with learning a new language was that I wasn’t consistent at all in my learning. Thanks to the daily reminder that Babbel pushes to my phone, I now remember to complete a lesson every day. You can set up the reminder to whatever the best time is for you.

Why Babbel is the best way to learn a new language

Babbel is super user friendly and you can also complete a class across devices, including on your computer. There are multiple levels each with its own set of lessons to practice grammar, vocabulary, conversational skills and writing.

I like how I am able to download lessons for learning on the go, especially when I am traveling to remote or foreign destinations, with limited internet access. I find flights to be an easy time to complete a lesson, but they often lack WiFi, so this feature is super valuable to me.

The lessons are built by a language experts using proven cognitive techniques and its voiced by all native speakers. For me, understanding accents can be difficult so it great to hear different examples as I am learning.

Babbel is the perfect online and mobile classroom for beginners and intermediate language learners. The lessons are structured to help you gain more knowledge of basic vocabulary and grammar construction. If you already know some basics in the language, Babbel can be a helpful practice tool to reinforce your learning.

Babbel is available in 14 languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. I hope one day to be able to learn and finish all these languages, even though it might take me some time.

How Much Does Babbel Cost?

We have a special Babbel coupon for our readers that gives you 25% off the subscription price, which brings the final price to just $5.25/month when signing up for a full year!

We recommend the full year to ensure you have enough time to finish the course in its entirety. A Babbel subscription only includes one language and if you would like to learn multiple languages, additional subscriptions are required.

I am excited to continue building this connection with my heritage throughout the next year as I continue to increase my Italian language skills. I look forward to visiting Italy to put my knowledge to the real test and see how far I have advanced in a few short months. I know my grandmother would be proud that I am reconnecting with my ancestry in the best way I know how, by speaking.

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