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What is the magical formula, pitch or template for scoring a hotel stay?

A question that we get asked quite often is if we have any magical formula, pitch or template for scoring a stay at a hotel, either in exchange for our work or paid?

The simple answer is yes, we have a structure that everyone should follow, but each email is customized based on the experience, what we are offering and what we expect to get out of it. Having a well built pitch template does not guarantee a positive outcome, but does increase the chance of working together in the end.

When writing this pitch email to a hotel, make sure to be sending it from a professional email from your website, i.e. [email protected], or the less optimal choice of [email protected]. This instantly adds to the credibility of your request.


Here is where you need to state clearly who you are and who your audience is. Also, what makes your brand the perfect fit for them and how you will cover their needs.


Have specific dates that you will be in the destination so the business can see if they can accommodate your needs or not. If you email them without dates it might take longer to get a response and finalize a contract. Also, remember that this email is not to let them know you are already in a destination and looking for a hotel stay tonight. You have to pitch yourself for consideration for future campaigns, so be specific.

Be clear on what you want from them, but at the same time leave room and flexibility to meet the needs of the hotel. You do not want to sound demanding, rather give your pitch and let them you you are so interested in working together a custom package can be agreed upon.


Summarize your blog and social media stats in a short paragraph and remind them why this audience is the right one for them. Keep these numbers real. Some business require a screenshot of your analytics and a follow up after your stay and nothing is worse than coming out as a liar.

At the end of the email, I always add the link to my media kit. It is really important that you have media kit for yourself, as it gives you more credibility and shows that you know what you are doing. In this kit you can show in more details your audience, what your services are, etc.

Sign the email off cordially and remember it might be best to email several hotels in a location as not all of them are willing or able to work together at a specific date.

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