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What to Bring for a Glamorous Weekend in Rome 

Rome is one of the most beautiful places on earth and also one of the most glamorous thanks to its cinematic past, beautifully historic streets and fashion. While in Rome we wouldn’t want to be mistaken a tourist, right? To blend in as the Romans, we need to know on the dos and don’ts of fashion to fit in. Rome is also known as the Eternal City, similar to its fashion and style these two trends do not age, just as does Rome. A visit to this romantic city is memorable and to make the utmost best out of your visit, you need to be comfortable, glamorous and beautiful in your outfits, whenever it’s safe to visit of course! 

The perfect carry-all handbag

Pack a Smart Carry-On

You can’t think of even visiting Italy and not donning the most beautiful handbag?! If there’s one accessories Roman women are famous for, its hands down their bags. A classic option could be a leather top handle bag. But wouldn’t you prefer to have the piece before you go? You can try sites such as Mirta, that has beautiful Italian top handle bags for women at all price points, in various colors and styles that’ll for sure have Roman women envying your style! The best part is, the bags will arrive literally at your doorstep at home or even at your hotel (gotta love online shopping). 

Comfortable sneakers

The cobblestone streets are beautiful, but brutal. Come prepared with comfortable sneakers to prevent discomfort on your feet. Some streets are not the easiest to walk on and might make you have sore feet. Sneakers will save you the pain in the end your feet will thank you, not to mention you could walk all day long easily! 

A light, airy dress

A light and airy dress will help you keep fresh and cool in the oppressive summer heat of Rome. The secret to the dresses you pick should lie in the fabrics, you should opt for breathable fabrics and sleeveless style dresses to offer the most comfort in the heat. For example, linen and silks are amazing fabrics that will keep you cool. Not to mention, in an airy dress it’s easier to eat more and hide the bloating pasta can sometimes give us. It’s also worth noting you can’t enter the Vatican or other churches in sleeveless pieces so bring a shawl or cardigan! 

Vintage or modern camera

To get the best out of your weekend stay in Rome one item that should not miss is a camera! Yes, we all have cameras on our phones, but why not get a vintage camera to take some really special shots! In Rome, you will literary want to take a picture every few minutes, it’s all just so beautiful! 

Diva like sunglasses

When in Rome, wear a pair of killer sunglasses to avoid the scorching heat. Follow the example of all of the Roman women you’ll see in big, fabulous looking sunglasses to block out the sun.

Rome is one of the most amazing cities in the world and you are going to want to enjoy it in the best, stylish way possible. Remember, do as the roman’s do! 

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