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Where To Stay in Arequipa: The Review Of Our Stay at Selina Arequipa

One of the nicest hostels we have ever stayed in our travels is Selina Arequipa in Peru. As part hotel, part hostel and part co-working space, Selina Arequipa is all about sharing its funky vibe in a colorful and relax community.

As soon as we arrived to the hotel, we put our bags down and could not resist spending the next hour taking a variety of fun photos around the property. The early morning is the best time for a photoshoot as most guests are still asleep!

Colorful and Artistic Community Space

Selina Arequipa is spread across several buildings in downtown Arequipa with a small courtyard near the entrance and a large one in the middle with a pool. Around the grounds are countless bean bag, chairs and other places to sit and chill with your family or friends including a small tree house!

For those looking for fun and colorful photos or just the most Instagram friendly hotel in Arequipa, look no further than Selina. Every wall has a colorful mural and each corner of the complex offers a picturesque photo spot.

Comfortable and Chic Private Space

We stayed in one of the uniquely designed private rooms overlooking the courtyard. The chic interior design is perfect for photos and the room even overlooks the iconic llama art on an exterior wall.

Our room had its own bathroom, a large comfortable bed and a rustic desk to get some work done during our stay. Similar to our experience at the Selina hotel in La Paz, the room does not have a television, just a great reason to explore Arequipa or make friends with other guests.

In the morning we opted to enjoy the breakfast buffet at Selina, which comes at an additional fee. There is fresh bread delivered daily with an assortment of fruit jams, along with your more typical hot breakfast options. It is a little pricer than finding breakfast on the streets of Arequipa, but it is a great choice if you are looking for a hearty and filling breakfast option.

Building a community at Selina Arequipa

Selina Arequipa is more than just a hotel or hostel, depending on the type of room you chose to stay. It is also a great place for guests to just hang out, try new things and make new travel loving friends.

Throughout the week Selina Arequipa offers a range of classes and events with previous events including life music, chakras, yoga, and even graphic lettering. Make sure to check the event board when you arrive to see what is going on during your stay.

While we were staying at Selina Arequipa there was the Culturama Spring Fest with local artists selling local goods in the courtyard throughout the afternoon. During this even there was also live music throughout the day and late into the evening evening.

There is also a poolside bar that fills up in the afternoon with guests taking a break from tourism. It is the perfect spot to taste some freshly made Peruvian cocktails or just decompress in the pool.

After an amazing experience at Selina Arequipa, we will make sure to seek them out on our future adventures as the hotel and co-working chain is quickly spreading its footprint across the world.

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