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Woodroze Wooden Travel Sunglasses Review


Traveling and having adventures around the world is an amazing experience. Everyone has something different that helps them enjoy these experiences and for us, it is sunglasses. We have recently found some of the best travel sunglasses out there, Woodroze.

For us, travel sunglasses our great on several levels. When trying to keep the weight of our bags down, it is great when every item can serve more than one purpose.

Travel To Blank requires us take many photographs along our adventures. Sunglasses spruce up any outfit and add some unique style to our shots. They of course also provide valuable eye protection when we spend most of our days outdoors.

Accented Style


We have several different designs from the Woodroze Hy-brid Series. The Hy-Brid series provides a unique mix of the wood design with a sturdier acetate frame. The wooden accent means that each pair is one of a kind, due to the production process.

They have two main types of styles available in this series; the subtle yet sophisticated and the wild yet colorful.

Steven prefers the subtle yet sophisticated look of his Bond (Shiny Black) sunglasses. The black acetate with dark Ebony Wood look great with everything. The provide a unique touch that a regular pair of sunglasses just do not have.

Jazmin however loves her more colorful glasses! She has the Wild Kat and Grace Tortoise designs. She loves how it gives any outfit a unique flare that matches her equally colorful personality.

Travel Grade Construction


When we first started traveling we brought along whatever sunglasses we already owned. The cheap plastic ones would bend or scratch overnight while the more expensive metal ones bent out of shape just as quickly.

Obviously it is best not to toss the glasses around like a ball, but being able to withstand the rough and tumble of travel is key. Woodroze are perfect for travel with the shatterproof and scratch resistant polarized lenses.

At the same time, the high quality wood and plastic frames combined with sturdy hinges means the sunglasses stay strong no matter where our travel takes us. They are one of the first pair of sunglasses that we are not afraid to travel with!



If you are looking for your next pair of sturdy travel sunglasses look no further than Woodroze. Not only can you look great, but you can feel good doing it. Woodroze is committed to a sustainable style with all of wood either being recycled or harvested in an ecofriendly way.


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