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Yolk 7.5W Solar Paper Review

backpacking solar charger from Yolk

Whether we are traveling or at home, working or on vacation, everyday we use a handful of different battery powered technologies a day. When it is a warm and sunny day, it is hard to resist putting our shoes on and heading outside!

The Yolk 7.5W Solar Paper makes sure that on your next adventure, near or far, you do not need to worry about your battery being charged. Yolk’s gold plated metal will make you feel like a king as you never need to find a wall charger again.

When we first received the package in the mail, it was so light, we were afraid something was missing inside. That is until we opened it and realized that is just how lightweight it really is!

Lightweight and Compact Portable Solar Charger

solar powered usb charger from Yolk

Each solar panel is only 1.1cm thick, you will not find any other portable consumer solar chargers out there that compare. It can easily slip between your map to carry it on the go. The charger is not bogged down with extra features either, it simply has two USB ports and an LCD screen to show its power.

Even though it is so lightweight it still feels sturdy in your hand. At the same time it is water resistant, so do not forget it when you head out to the pool or beach. We like to listen to music, but our phone and portable speaker only last so long. Now they can blast tunes all day with the Yolk charger.

You do not need to be deep in the wilderness to take advantage of a solar charger, you can be spending the day in your backyard without having to worry about battery life. If you keep a daily planner or calendar, just tuck your Yolk inside and you have the world at your feet.

Powerful and Expandable Solar USB Charger

solar phone charger charging the phone on the sun.

The 7.5W version has enough power to charge your smartphone in just two hours on a bright day. This is fantastic, because folded up, it is not much larger than phone itself!

Honestly, the coolest function of the solar panel is your ability to easily expand its wattage. You can buy an additional solar panel, which easily attaches to your existing one, with the same magnetic connectors. This is perfect if you ever upgrade your electronics to something more powerful, you do not need to start over with a whole new solar charger setup.

If you plan on using it in a more active setting, like while hiking, it comes with connectors to hold the panels together. Although honestly, if you plan to do intense backpacking, you might want to consider a heavier and more rugged option. Yolk’s no-frills approach to the solar panel charger is what makes it so powerful and versatile, perfect for every adventure.


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Sam | Alternative Travelers

Saturday 18th of February 2017

Very cool! How long does it take to charge? And how much sunlight does it need for a charge?

Travel To Blank

Saturday 18th of February 2017

It really works in any amount of sunlight, just the more clouds the longer the charge. On the brightest day it can take 2-3 hours to charge depending on the phone and on a cloudy day twice that.

The cool thing about Yolk is that if you find you need more power, you can get another solar panel which easily attaches with magnets.