Bangkok, Thailand: The City Of Angels

Known as the City of Angels, Bangkok is filled with hundreds of amazing temples and shrines. It has for a long time been a place where travelers from all corners of the world meet on their quest to explore and experience the best of what Asia has to offer. Bangkok is

The Complete Walking Guide of Fes, Morocco

Protected UNESCO World Heritage site surrounded by 13th-century city walls and the seat of the Moroccan government until 1925, the old Fes Medina (Fez el-Bali) is home to one of the biggest mosques on the continent, endless palaces, madrasas, souks and tanneries and is best explored by foot. Some of

Marrakech – scents, sights and colors in 9km

Located to the north of the foothills of the African Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is the fourth largest city of Kingdom of Morocco. It is often referred to as a city that can be overwhelming to your senses with its various scents, sights, and colors mixing together leaving visitors in a state

Split, Croatia: The Emperor’s Hideaway

Split is Croatia's second largest city situated on a Dalmatian coast and accessible by boat, airplane or train with daily connections to most of the islands. Split is most known for the old part of the town, the  Diocletian's Palace, an ancient palace built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century hiding

Exploring the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

For any Game of Thrones fans out there, you will recognize the historic city of Dubrovnik, Croatia as King's Landing. The rest of us have never seen the show and want to explore the primarily intact 16th century city walls and all its beauty within. Dubrovnik is located in southern Croatia and