The Complete Walking Guide of Fes, Morocco

Protected UNESCO World Heritage site surrounded by 13th-century city walls and the seat of the Moroccan government until 1925, the old Fes Medina (Fez el-Bali) is home to one of the biggest mosques on the continent, endless palaces, madrasas, souks and tanneries and is best explored by foot. Some of

Marrakech – scents, sights and colors in 9km

Located to the north of the foothills of the African Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is the fourth largest city of Kingdom of Morocco. It is often referred to as a city that can be overwhelming to your senses with its various scents, sights, and colors mixing together leaving visitors in a state

The Ultimate 9 Day Morocco Itinerary

The best way to explore a country is by visiting as many cities as possible. Each city has its own unique look and feel. By visiting a handful of cities across Morocco you get a good feel of all the country has to offer. We have selected our favorites cities in Morocco

A Luxury Experience at the Riad Star in Marrakech

Have you ever felt like you are entering a new world? Stepping through the doors of the Riad Star we became a prince and princess in a Moroccan fairytale. The former residence of vaudeville star Josephine Baker is now an intimate oasis in the busy Marrakech medina. The hotel is located

14 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Chefchaouen, Morocco

The Blue Pearl. You might not recognize the name of Chefchaouen, but the images of this iconic Moroccan town are unmistakable. Chefchaouen, Chaouen for short, is nestled among the Rif mountains in northern Morocco. The city became well known for its brightly painted blue buildings of the old Medina. The traditional blue painting dates back to the