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The Moroccan Riad Experience: Hotel Sherazade Marrakech

The Moroccan Riad Experience: Hotel Sherazade Marrakech

One of the best experiences we had visiting Morocco was staying in different riads across the country. A riad is a traditional moroccan style house with an interior courtyard garden with a fountain or pool. Riads are basically beautiful homes that have been converted into boutique hotels, with only a few rooms and amazing service.

Since every riad has its own unique style and atmosphere we opted to stay in two different riads in Marrakech. Our stay at the Sherazade Hotel at the heart of the medina was an oasis in the bustling city.

Personalized Experience

Hotel Sherazade Dinner room

We arrived in the evening to Sherazade Hotel. The riad is centrally located with many shops outside the doors and is just steps from the main attractions of Marrakech. When we arrived to the riad the receptionist was very welcoming. Since we were tired after a long day we were shown right to our room. The receptionist made sure everything in the room was set up perfectly.

The next morning we enjoyed a homemade breakfast on the expansive rooftop terrace. If you find the morning sun to be too much you can also sit in the cute air condition dining room. Breakfast is an additional 5 euros per person.

The most enjoyable part about our stay at the Sherazade Hotel is how attentive and friendly the staff is with us. They made sure fix any of our concerns immediately and help us with any request. It made us feel like they were truly welcoming us into their home.

Boutique Accommodations

Hotel Sherazade bedrooms

The Sherazade hotel is actually two neighboring riads connected by a rooftop terrace. This means that there is not one, but two inner courtyards to enjoy! We stayed in the second house around a smaller garden.

At the Sherazade each room has a different stunning theme making it more unique. We stayed in room number 21, a red themed room that looked like it came straight out of One Thousand and One Nights. The room has en suite living room perfect for doing work or enjoy a fresh mint tea.

Even though they say the internet only works on the terrace or in the lobby we had no issues with using the wifi from the comfort of our own bed.

The bathroom had a massive tile tub to relax in after a long day of touring the city in the sun, along with a separate shower. Most importantly, there is a hot water tank just for our room, right in the bathroom. We never had to worry about getting stuck with a cold shower, unless of course Jazmin showered first.

Our time at the Sherazade Hotel was fantastic, leaving us happy and well rested while exploring the beautiful city of Marrakech.

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Monday 17th of July 2017

Beautiful pics! Would love to visit one day. Thanks for sharing!

Travel To Blank

Tuesday 18th of July 2017

Morocco should be on everyone's bucket list!