Exploring the historic island of Korcula, Croatia


Korcula is a Croatian island in the Adriatic sea and it is also one of the alleged birth places of the infamous Marco Polo.  The old city of Korcula was under Venetian control for many years influencing the architecture of the city. Korcula is the second largest island in Croatia by population size.

We highly recommend renting a scooter, a car or even a bike to explore the island. Unfortunately for us we were not able to drive a scooter or a manual car. Yet, that did not stop us from exploring as much of the island as possible.

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What to visit in the city of Korcula


No visit to the island is complete without exploring the historic city center of Korcula. Simply wander through its 26 narrow cobbled streets to step back in time. The old town is laid out in the shape of a fish bone to prevent high sea winds from barreling through the streets.

St. Mark’s Cathedral

St. Mark’s Cathedral is located at the heart of the city in its main square. This 15th century church has been a central point of the city since, surviving as a beautiful and ornate example of the Gothic-Renaissance style.

If it is a clear day make sure to walk the stairs up the bell tower. As the highest point in the city, you get the best panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscape. Tickets cost 25 kuna per person.

Korcula Town Museum

The Korcula town museum is located across the square from the Old Saints Church. It has in depth information about the history of the town from prehistoric days until today, along with the life and culture of its residence. There is also plenty of information about the city’s famed ship building expertise.

Tickets are 20 kuna per person and the museum’s hours depend on the season, so check out their website for the most up to date information.

St Mark’s Abbey Treasury

This 14th-century Abbey is home to a fine collection of Dalmatian art and religious relics. It also offers many historic documents relating to the long history of Korcula. The museum provides an interesting mix of relics, documents and historic items from the daily life.

The museum tickets are 25 kuna per person.

Saint Anthony Church


Saint Anthony Church is outside the old town on top of a small hill, with the same name. Climb the 101 steep steps lined with beautiful cypress trees. From the top, you get a nice view of the island plus some great photo opportunities at the cute little Saint Anthony Church.

The St. Anthony Hill is located just 250 meters from where we stayed, the Dragan’s Den Guest House.

Walking to the cute village of Lumbarda


One of our favorite walks in the island was visiting Lumbarda, a small village on the eastern tip of the island. It is only a five kilometer walk or bike ride from old town Korcula. If you do not want to walk you can also take a bus from the central station.

Lumbarda is a beautiful coastline village with many vineyards. When visiting Lumbarda you need to try Grk, which is the special local wine. A stone inscription found in Lumbarda is the oldest written stone monument in Croatia, recording that Greek settlers from Issa founded another colony on the island in the 3rd century BC.

There are several beaches to visit in Lumbarda if the weather is warm. You can find the small Blin Zal Beach along a boardwalk leading out of town. For a larger beach, with a restaurant head on over to the Vela Prezina Beach. Finish off your day in Lumbarda with a visit its lighthouse at sunset.

Food Recommendations

Korcula Wine

It is important that you taste some local homemade wine while you are in Korcula. The island is most well known for its Grk or Posip white wines and Plavac and Dingac red wines. You can travel around the island to visit local wineries where you can take a tour and try some of their delicious wine!

Alternatively, if you are not up to the drive, you can visit one of the wine bars in the old town of Korcula to enjoy the many flavors in one sitting.

Chakula Macaruni and Wine Bar


As a growing gastronomic destination Korcula has a traditional handmade macaroni dating back 400 years. The handmade macaroni is traditionally served mixed with beef stew.

The best places in town to try this delicious dish is at the Chakula Macaruni and Wine Bar. This new restaurant sources its food from local farms to create an authentic homemade feel and taste. If you are lucky to stop by during the high season they even have a live macaroni rolling happening upfront.

We tried the classic beef macaroni and the vegetable macaroni. The tender beef and the delicious parmesan cheese paired perfectly with the fresh macaroni. The veggie option has a variety of local grilled vegetables full of flavor.

As a wine bar, they also feature 70 Croatian wines, mostly from Korcula and the neighboring peninsula. You should definitely try Dingac red wine, which pairs perfectly with the meat. As wine enthusiasts they are flexible and happy to have you try as many local wine’s flavors as you wish.

Accommodation Recommendation


We stayed at Dragan’s Den Guest House. It is the perfect place to stay if you are a digital nomad or if you are planning on staying in the island for just a few days. The guest house is a 30 walk from the old town and a few blocks from a supermarket and several restaurants. It is also a 10 minute walk to both a beach and the ferry port to the peninsula.

The Guest House has a pool and two communal kitchens as well as many social areas. It is great atmosphere to relax in the afternoon after a busy day of touring Korcula. They offer both private rooms and bunk dorms, depending on your budget. They even provide pick up from the port or bus station!

Join us on TraveLibro to follow along our complete Croatia travel guide and for more photos videos of behind the scenes! We cannot wait to see your comments on the app.

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