PopSockets Phone Travel Grip

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We are the number one fans of PopSockets, an amazing addition to any phone or case. Whether you love taking pictures, texting, playing games, watching movies or having your phone near your workspace, PopSockets make your life easier.

PopSockets are a collapsable phone accessory to give you a headphone wrap, a smartphone or just a an extra grip on your device.

When traveling it can add more security to your phone. You can pop it to your front pocket and lock it. When you are taking photos or looking at travel guide, it is easier to protect it from a thief grabbing it out of your hand. This is very important, as it can be hard to be fully aware of your surroundings, while looking at a map and trying to enjoy the sites.

At the same time, we end up juggling our phone, camera and map while walking around, and the PopSockets give us that extra grip on the phone to keep it securely in our hands.


The coolest thing is you can also customize the PopSocket design. While there are so many amazing designs already available, nothing beats your own image. The possibilities are endless.

There is also no need to worry about PopSockets when upgrading your phone.  You can use it as many times as you want, just peal it off and restick it to your new device.

If the specialty backing ever stops sticking, just wash it gently and it is back to new. This reusable adhesive pad, not only can be washed if stops sticking but once removed from a device, it does not leave any residue behind.

PopSockets work in most smartphones and tablets, as long as, they have a flat and smooth back. This includes tablets, ebooks, or if you just want a tight grip on your Girl Scout cookies.

We also have a $2 coupon for your very own PopSocket! Just follow our link to the PopSockets discount code.

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  1. I’ve never heard of the PopSocket before but it looks like a pretty cool thing to have. I always have troubled keeping the phone in my hand while taking a selfie, because it’s bigger than my hand. This thing might be useful :)

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