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Moment Lens Review: Best cellphone Photography lenses

Moment Lens Review: Best cellphone Photography lenses
As traveler bloggers there is nothing more important than high quality photos. Cell phone cameras are always improving but Moment Lenses brings the quality to a whole new level. Any new photography equipment addition is a plus for travelers, especially when it takes no space or weight and make your photos pop.

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We backed Moment lens when it first came out in Kickstarter and fell in love with the product as soon as it delivered. Moment lenses attach to your phone with a plate made for each specific phone design. It is a strong adhesive plate that you install in the back of your phone.

moment wide angle lens review

The lens comes with cloth bag to carry the lens and help avoid scratches. You can purchase an additional lens cover if you will have the lens tumble around your bag.

Using Moment Lens turns our photos from good to amazing. Since many of our photos while traveling are of landscapes or of highlights within cities. Either way, it can be difficult to get the whole image we want with the limitations of a cell phone camera.

We have the Wide Lens and the Superfish Lens, so let’s show you a comparison of the lenses versus using the regular iPhone camera.

moment wide lens review

Moment Lens: The Wide Lens

Wide Angle lens moment lens review

The wide angle lens is 18mm and allows for nearly 2.5 times more content into the image! It is perfect to get all of a building in your photo when you cannot just get further away in a crowded city.

Moment Lens: Superfish Lens

moments superfish lens

The Superfish lens captures 170° of your surroundings in one! It is the best to get a photo of the entire landscape before you. It even keeps the edges of the image in focus, which was a problem we had with previous lenses of lower quality.

Moment Lens is Lightweight and Powerful

moments lenses

It is perfect for situations of a size or weight of a regular camera makes no sense. It is also a great addition to your photography equipment to take when you do not feel safe taking an expensive camera with you.

Due to its compact design, we just throw the lens in our bag when we head out, even if we have no plans of taking pictures. You never know when a regular day at work or shopping will turn into a fun photo shoot.

The plate is thin enough to fit in a case. Although keep in mind if you have a tight fitting case it might not fit well. If you want to use the lens with another phone, you will need to get extra metal mounting plate for less than $10. The only problem with it is that it is really hard to get it off the phone and if you do remove it, it can bend and loose its adhesive.

moment lens weight

If this is a concern for you Moment also sells cases with an easy attachment function making it more convenient to switch cases when you want to use your lenses. The quality of the lens is totally worth the hassle.

We always carry our Moment Lens with us to give all our travel photos a professional look straight on our phone!

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Tuesday 14th of March 2017

I have always wondered about these! The example images are super helpful Thanks!

Travel To Blank

Wednesday 15th of March 2017

Thank you! Cell phone lenses are a great option to keep in your bag wherever you go. They make all your pictures just that much better.