Top 10 Destinations for Couples


Traveling as a couple can be fun and exciting, as well as strengthening to the relationship. Take the chance to getaway to these romantic destinations, while not only exploring the world but tackling any travel related obstacles that arise together.

We have compiled the Top 10 Destinations for Couples for you to whisk away your special someone on the adventure of a lifetime!

1. Santorini


Santorini, Greece is such a romantic destination because of its gorgeous sunsets, red cliffs, white houses and a great view of the underwater caldera . Santorini is also a good small town to get lost with your love one.

2. Bali


Bali, Indonesia screams relaxation. There are tons of activities you could do from hiking a volcano to relaxing on the beach or getting a massage. Bali has ton of nature and beautiful landscapes to enjoy with your love bird.

3. Dubai


Dubai, UAE is not only luxury. You can enjoy a good romantic getaway in the desert or visiting old Dubai. If you like theme parks Dubai is perfect for destination for you.

4. Paris


It might sound cliche but Paris, France is an amazing place to visit and walk with your significant other. We spent five days in Paris and we fell in love even more. Paris is all about exploring as a couple, taking cute pictures with its beautiful architecture. Eating crepes, croissants and fondue is a must.

5. Prague

About Us prague

How can a fairytale city not be a romantic city? Prague, Czech Republic has so much to offer from history all the way to beautiful buildings and endless culture and music. Visiting Prague with your other half is like living in a dream.

6. Boston

Maybe it is because our wedding was in Boston, MA but to us it is one of the best cities to take your significant other, with something to offer for everyone during every season. Enjoy a Red Sox game at the oldest ballpark in the MLB, a cannoli from Mike’s Pastry, or a tour of the city in Duck Boats.

7. Bordeaux


Bordeaux, France in the summer and fall is gorgeous. You get to visit beautiful vineyards, taste wines and try different types of cheese. My recommendation is to spend at least three days; one in St. Emilion, one in Bordeaux town and one visiting vineyards.

8. Verona/ Venice


Both cities are close by via train and it is pretty cheap to visit. Venice not only has the canals and the big church but it also has the Italian spirit which by default makes it romantic. If you visit Venice you must stop by in Burano to see all the colorful houses. Verona on the other hand is the home of Romeo and Juliet, it cannot get more romantic than that.

9. Hawaii


Hawaii is hands down one of the most romantic spots on earth with its endless beaches, natural beauty and breathtaking sunsets. You can also explore the numerous volcanoes and seek hidden waterfalls for a well rounded getaway.

10. Siem Reap


Visiting temples and new cultures is a really good way to connect as a couple. It opens your spirit and mind. Discovering new worlds always makes the relationship stronger.

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