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What To Do In Mykonos in 2 Days – The Best Things To Do in Mykonos

We arrived on the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece via airplane from Athens. The high end island is the perfect for all types of travelers for its vibrant nightlife and relaxed vibe.

We decided to rent a car for a day because it was almost the same price that hiring a taxi to and from the airport, and we had plans to visit more areas of the island outside of public transportation range.

Walking Map:

Scuba Diving

GoDive Mykonos Greece

We drove to Lea Beach because Jazmin was doing a discovery dive with GoDive Mykonos. We arrived there, while she was diving I was enjoying the beach and went snorkeling in the shore.

After that we drove back to the center of Mykonos. There is never enough parking in the city! So, we went all the way to the Free Public Parking located on the north side of the Old Port, as the whole city is walkable. We walked our way down the shore to the center of the city.

Paraportiani Orthodox Church

Paraportiani Orthodox Church

Our first stop was the Paraportiani Orthodox Church, a beautiful white church. Behind the church you can go down the stairs to the rocks along the water and get a beautiful shot of the windmills and the shore itself.

Little Venice

Little Venice Mykonos Greece

Our next stop along the way was Little Venice, an amazing part of the village with small and narrow streets with beautiful white houses with colorful windows/doors. Try to go through this area both during the day and at night, as it has two very different atmospheres.

There are hundreds of little shops and restaurants. Mykonos is known for being a high-end destination. If you are on a budget try to look for good deals with the gyros. Drinks, besides water, are expensive even in convenience stores.

The Windmills (Kato Milli)


Next to Little Venice is five of the famous white Mykonos windmills. One of the windmills is now a small museum. This is the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the entire city.

Paradise Beach

Mykonos is not only known as a beautiful and relaxing island, it is also home to a major party scene. The best place to party is at Paradise Beach. This beach/resort area is a bit outside of the city and always has something happening.

The best part is, the party scene is separated from the relaxed scene via public transportation, not ruining anyone’s adventures.

Delos Island

A strong recommendation is to go to Delos Island, a historical site near Mykonos. We did not have enough time but everyone says it is super worth it. There are several tours a day or you could also go on your own via the ferry.


We stayed at Loukas Pension, only a 5-10 minutes walk away from the Windmills at the edge of the city. It is a great price although it was located on a hill, which it is positive if you want to see the whole city and bad if you have to climb the hill a bunch of times. They have free parking, a minifridge and AC which is really helpful during summer times. The hotel was cute and convenient for our stay in Mykonos.

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What to do in Mykonos, Greece

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Wednesday 29th of June 2016

You have captured the Greek Islands beautifully