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6 Easy Tips for a Stress Free Vacation as a Couple

Have you ever returned from a vacation feeling like you need a vacation? These travels can be full of stressful situations, worries, and frustration even when they have been perfectly planned. It can be uncomfortable to be in a new location, or even far away from home where you have established routines. Fortunately, many vacations have built-in ways to relax, or you can be proactive and create your own. From getting a relaxing massage to going on a leisurely walk.

Here are Six Easy Tips for a Stress Free  Couples Vacation:

1. Be free and have an open schedule

Sleep and do not use an alarm

You likely live by an alarm on most days of the week at home. Even if you are early birds, make your vacation relaxing enough that you do not have to set the alarm. You can schedule morning attractions for when you are confident that you will already be up and about. Make sure your couples getaway is about the fun and not having to worry about missed appointments.

2. Slow down and enjoy


It can be tempting to fill up your days with tours and outings, but one or two per day is more than enough to make you feel satisfied that you have explored your new destination. Otherwise, the demands of the day will start to mimic a workday—even when those adventures are supposed to be fun.

3. Pamper yourself


Massages are staples of any relaxing couples vacation and a fantastic way to relax together, but there are many ways to pamper yourself. If there’s a salon nearby, getting manis and pedis can help you feel and look your best. If you’d like a budget-friendly pampering, steer clear of the hotel spas and look for a local salon.

4. Check out the local diners and dives

pizza-try new food

A fancy restaurant is a great indulgence for many, but it is also tiring to get dressed up for every meal and high cost meals can lead to some undue travel stress. A great way to get a real taste of the local flavor is to check out the local mom and pop joints. You will probably find the most memorable meals of your trip here and won’t have to bother primping or overpaying.

5. Leave work at home

leave work at home

Screens naturally stress us out, whether it is getting an email from work or simply the eye strain of staring at the screen for too long. Ideally, it would be fantastic to have a totally screen-free vacation, but that is not feasible for most couples. Instead, avoid unnecessary and work related apps and schedule a few hours each day when you will both be screen-free.

It might sound counterintuitive but sometimes you have a vacation in a way to help reduce stress. However, the effort is worth it. A little commitment and prep work means you will actually get the benefits out of the trip you have planned and head home well rested and relaxed.

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