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8 Photos that will inspire you to visit the beautiful Cemetery of Tulcán, Ecuador

Tulcán, Ecuador Sign

Tulcan is a small city in the north of Ecuador, along the border the Colombia. This small border town is popular among over land travelers between Ecuador and Colombia as a great stop in this cute town. Just a four hour drive from the country’s capital of Quito, Tulcan is the perfect weekend getaway for all nature lovers.

Cyprus Sculpture at the Cementerio de Tulcán, Ecuador

The main attraction of the city is the beautifully trimmed and sculptured cypress trees in the local cemetery. The sculptures include many shapes including faces, mythical figures, geometric shapes and our favorite, animals.

Plant Sculpture at the Cementerio de Tulcán, Ecuador

This sculpture work was started by Azael Franco in 1936. Sculpting gardener artists work every day to maintain the living sculptures and keep them looking clean.

Cementerio de Tulcán, Ecuador

The most interesting part of this attraction is that it is actually located in the municipal Cementerio de Tulcán. In 1984 it was deemed a cultural heritage site in Ecuador.

Cementerio de Tulcán, Ecuador

The cemetery is free and open daily to the public and tourists from 6AM to 10PM. If you are visiting to enjoy the beautifully pruned trees, remember it is still an active cemetery and there will be people their mourning. Taking photos of the sculptures is encouraged, just remain respectful of its location.

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