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The Best Restored Neon Signs Self Guided Tour in Las Vegas

In this guide we will list you 9 neon signs you cannot miss while visiting Las Vegas.

Take a drive down the National Scenic Byways of Las Vegas to enjoy the installation of restored signs from the Neon Museum collection along Las Vegas Boulevard, illuminating downtown Las Vegas. The signs are primarily located in the medium between the boulevard, so be careful driving if you want to photograph the signs along this historic strip of Las Vegas.

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Self Guided Restored Neon Signs Tour Map

The 9 Restored Las Vegas Neon Signs Tour

1. Benny Binion’s Horseshoe

Benny Binion's Horseshoe

It was originally located at 128 Fremont Street. The hotel was opened in 1951.

2. The Silver Slipper Casino

The Silver Slipper Casino

The casino was opened in 1950 as the Golden Slipper along the early Las Vegas Strip.

3. The Bow & Arrow Motel

The Bow & Arrow Motel

It was located first in Wyoming Avenue, downtown Las Vegas. The simple shapes incorporated into the the form of the bow and arrow sign exemplify trends of many hotels built in the 1950’s.

4. Society Cleaners

Society Cleaners

It opened its door to the public in 1946 in the corner of 11th Street and Fremont near the downtown district.

5. The Normandie Motel

The Normandie Motel

It opened in 1937 at 708 Las Vegas Boulevard South. It will be one of the last signs motorists would see on 5th Street as they drove out of town.

6. The Lucky Cuss Motel

The Lucky Cuss Motel

It was located in 3350 Fremont Street near the Showboat Hotel.

7. The Hacienda Horse and Rider

The Hacienda Horse and Rider

It was originally installed in 1967 at 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

8. The 5th Street Liquor Store

The 5th Street Liquor Store

It opened in 1945 at Las Vegas Boulevard South and Garces Street.

9. Landmark Hotel

It began as an unfinished attraction for shopping center and became the last of 6 casinos owned by Howard Hughes.

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Neon Signs Las Vegas

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