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What to do and see in Santa Fe de Antioquía, Colombia

Santa Fe de Antioquia, was the first capital of Antioquia, Colombia. Santa Fe is known for its colonial buildings and cobbled lanes. It is located an hours drive from Medellin, perfect for a day trip.

Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia

You can either take a tour or just head to the North Terminal in Medellin (Terminal del Norte) to take a public bus. The ticket cost 18,000 COP round trip. We passed through the Occidente Tunnel, the longest tunnel in South America, which connects Medellin and Santa Fe.

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The best things to do in Santa Fe de Antioquia:

Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia

We recommend to take a taxi moto tour and then walk around the historic city city. The tour cost 50,000 COP and it includes the ride to the Occidental Bridge.

main Plaza with the Metropolitan Cathedral in Santa Fe de Antioquia

If you want a good photo of the main Plaza with the Metropolitan Cathedral, we recommend to go to the municipality building where they will let you go to the second floor to take photos from the balconies like the photo above.

The inside of the municipality in Santa Fe de Antioquia

The inside of the municipality is a beautiful building where you can prime examples of the historic architecture of the area.

santa-fe-Mercadillo Artesanal

The driver explained us the whole history behind each building and helped us take some photos when we needed. You should definitely stop by the handcrafting market for some souvenirs.

Santa Bárbara Church Santa Fe de Antioquia

The church of Santa Bárbara dates from the eighteenth century and has a baroque antioqueño style, with a beautiful facade. Inside there are various altars and images of saints.

Iglesia de Jesús Nazareno en Santa Fe de Antioquia

Then visit the Iglesia (church) de Jesús Nazareno, which is located in the square with the same name. It was built in the first half of the nineteenth century, with a neoclassic and baroque style.

Cruza el Puente de Occidente

Puente de Occidente

The tour took us also to the Puente de Occidente bridge with plenty of time to take photos and explore. The bridge was built in 1887, at the time it was the longest suspension bridge in the continent.

To get the best photograph, go upstairs the house in front of the bridge on the side further from town. On the other side, you can climb some stairs to a monument of the Virgin Mary and a pedestrian walkway parallel to the Cauca River overlooking the bridge.

Taxi Moto en el Mercadillo de Santa Fe

Taxi Contact Info:

Jorge Alcazar:+57 312 840 0283

It is the only moto taxi in town with a replica of The Occidental Bridge on top, as the driver also makes them!

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The best things to do in Santa Fe de Antioquia in Colombia The best things to do in Santa Fe de Antioquia in Colombia  

What to do and see in santa fe

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