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What To Do in Bogota in 48 Hours – A 2 day itinerary

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is the fourth largest city in all of South America. The massive city has an endless supply of culture for visitors to spend their time. However, there are several places within Bogota that every tourist must visit, no matter their interests.

We have compiled the Top 7 Things To Do In Bogota for anyone who only has a few days to visit, or as a starting point for those who are staying longer. Get your walking shoes on and camera packed for your next amazing adventure in Bogota.

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Map of things to do in 48 Hours in Bogotá:

Here is how to experience the best of the best with 48 hours in Bogotá:

Day 1: Exploring Bogotá by foot

Zona Rosa de Bogotá

When we first arrived to Bogota, the first half of the day we went shopping to the Andino Mall and surrounding neighborhood to buy our family some gifts, Jazmin’s sister leaves there. It has all type of stores from Gucci to Crocs. It is a high end mall, but it is nice to walk around the area, also known as the “T Zone or the “Rose Zone”. It has many bars and shops and it is a relaxing way to end your evening in Bogota.

La Candelaria

La Candelaria

Then we went to the historical old downtown, also known as La Candelaria. Here you can get lost in the beautiful area and its colorful houses, old emblematic doors, balconies and ornamented windows. If you want to visit all or just some of the museums you should dedicate at least 2 days to the “La Candelaria”.

 Bolivar Square and Presidential houseBolivar Square and Presidential house

Bolivar Square is home to the Capitolio Nacional, Colombia’s congress. In the surrounding blocks are also the Cathedral Primada, Justice Palace and Lievano Palace. Just a few blocks away we also went outside the presidential house and the old house of Manuela Sanz, a revolutionary hero of South America and the mistress of Simón Bolívar.

Bolivar Square

Botero Museum

Our favorite painter is Colombian artist Fernando Botero, so no visit to Bogota is complete without visiting the Botero Museum. The museum is home to over 100 pieces of his work and dozens of other well known painters including Dali, Picasso and Monet. It is open to the public for free, so no excuses!

Botero Museum

Bogotá Botanical Garden

After that we went to do the Botanic Garden Route. It is amazing how many flowers and gardens they have in nearly 20 acres of plants. It is really lovely to see. Even if not ever bloom there are some great things to see including a sun clock, a palmetum, and an orchid collection. The botanical garden is not included in the 13 km route.

Day 2: Monserrate & Day trip to La Catedral de Sal



The next day we went to Monseratte, it is in the top of a mountain where you can get a great panoramic view of the city. It has beautiful gardens and a church on top. If you are lucky you get to see a rainbow in the amazing green areas.

monserrate viewpoint

The Salt Cathedral

Salt Cathedral

On our last day day we actually went outside Bogota, we went to Zipaquirá, where there is the Salt Cathedral. Yes, the whole thing is made by salt. It is a really nice place and a cool experience! Since it is away from the city, I will recommend to give it at least half a day just to do the Cathedral. You need to go in a car this is not included in the 13 km route as it is in a neighboring city.

Restaurant suggestions:

Andrés Carne de Res

Andrés Carne de Res is recommended by all local Columbians. The handful of locations are all good, but the original which is located in Cl. 3 #11A – 56, Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia is by far the best one because of its environment. The outside is just a restaurant while the inside is a bar/restaurant and at night it is a great place to drink and dance. The only catch is it is a bit of a drive outside of the city, but well worth it!

Bogota Beer Company

Bogota Beer Company has good bar food and excellent beer. With several locations in the city, it provides a relaxing evening wherever you are around. It is a little pricy but it has top notch service and food.

Free Tour Of Bogota

Discover the capital of Colombia with this free tour of Bogota, in the foothills of the Andes and the third largest city in America. And even better, it’s free!

For more details about this tour, click here!

Taxi Contact

If you like to do the cross city segments via taxi Jazmin’s sister recommends the following driver. It is safe and cheap (conversion rate help us a lot). It is also relatively safe and common to take busses, although some locals might not recommend it.
You could also download the local taxi apps: Tappsi, Easytaxi or the well known Uber.

Taxi driver Contact information

David: +573046199982 (via Whatsapp)

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