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Finding Stylish But Practical Luggage for Your Next Vacation

Whether you are heading on a business trip, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway for two, one thing you will need no matter what is the right luggage. Throwing your things in any old bag just to board the plane and take off, is a decision you will regret fairly quickly. There are airline requirements to think about. Not to mention, the wrong bag or case could end up costing you more money or result in your things getting damaged, lost, or mixed up with someone else’s things.

Seeing how each of these outcomes could ruin your trip before it ever gets started, it is probably a good idea to invest in quality luggage for your next vacation. Though there are a lot of brands, styles, and features to consider, after you know what you are looking for there are sites like Modvisor you can use to narrow down your results.

Just what should you look for in your next set of luggage? Here are some shopping tips to keep in mind:

Luggage Size

The first factor to consider is the size of the luggage. You do not want to purchase a suitcase that is too small because you will need to buy multiple pieces which will also cost you more at the airport. Larger suitcases also cost more, cannot be considered a carryon, and can leave you struggling to get around. Thinking about how much you are packing can help you determine what size luggage is ideal for your trip. You should also factor in size allowances from the airport as well as maneuverability.

Luggage Features

Luggage design and function have really come a long way. The makers look to meet the needs of travelers for various purposes. Once you know what size luggage you are interested in purchasing, start thinking about some of those features:

  • Color –  It’s ideal to go with a bold color or pattern so you can easily identify your bags.
  • Wheels – If you’re backpacking, wheels may not interest you, however, other travelers can benefit from the two or four-wheel luggage options.
  • Expandability –  As everyone knows it’s always easier to pack when going on vacation but packing to return home is a pain. Somehow you have way more stuff to get into the same amount of bags. Some luggage is designed, however, to expand to provide you with more room.
  • Compartments – Compartments are great for travelers who like to keep their belongings organized. Having a space to place your cosmetics, toiletries, socks and underwear, jewelry, laptop, and even a smartphone can make packing more efficient.
  • Durability – You may not be aware but your luggage goes through a lot during travel. It is moved forward and backward, banged around, and goes through all types of elements. Invest in a piece of luggage that will protect your belongings. To determine durability look at the material, the quality of the zippers, and customer reviews.
  • Waterproof – Remember, your luggage is transported in all kinds of elements. Imagine getting to your hotel to find that your luggage and everything in it is soggy or damaged? Look for waterproofing features to avoid this fiasco altogether.
  • Security Features – Though all luggage should have a locking mechanism you can use (or a space to install a luggage lock), if you’re traveling with valuables you may want to take extra precautions. There are luggage features that include locks, cables, wires, and other devices to keep your items secured.
  • Price – Obviously, affordability is a factor when shopping for luggage. You don’t have to spend top-dollar to get a quality product either. So after you’ve found a few products containing the features you’re most interested in, compare prices and buy the one most convenient for your budget.

Whether you are taking a ton of things with you or keeping it pretty light you need the right set of luggage. Unless you want to find yourself paying more for airline costs, stuck at baggage claim trying to identify your luggage, or a complete wreck because things got wet, damaged, or stolen, do yourself a favor and invest in stylish yet quality luggage you can trust.

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