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Glamping for Beginners: Your Guide to Planning a Luxury Camping Trip

Do you hesitate at the idea of going on a camping trip? Perhaps you enjoy the thought of being outdoors with nature, but cannot fathom going without certain creature comforts. You are not thrilled about having to sleep on the hard, cold, ground in a sleeping bag. You won’t have immediate access to a decent restroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. Not to mention the fact that there is little to no electricity to power your devices.

Camping is not for everyone, but that does not mean you have to forego the entire experience. If you enjoy the fresh air, animals, and other elements of nature, but simply would prefer to have everything you need to be comfortable, there is a solution. Glamping, a word combining glamorous and camping is a fun alternative. It gives travelers a taste of the outdoors with all the comforts and luxuries of a traditional vacation.

Not as tedious to plan for as camping, here are some basic tips on how to plan your next luxury camping trip:

Choose a Destination

The first thing on the agenda as with any vacation planning is to decide where you would like to go glamping. Are you going to stay locally since it is your first time or do you plan on traveling far? You can go glamping in just about any state or country so let your imagination run wild. You could go to Africa on a Safari or glamping on the Sahara desert, if you are more into the rainforest you could also go glampling in the heart of the South America’s rainforest or even go camping in Iceland.

Glampsite or DIY

Next, you will need to decide if you are going to look for a glampsite or if you would prefer to set up shop yourself. If you have never been camping before or would prefer to save yourself the hassle of packing your own tent, bedding, and other supplies, it would be best to select a glampsite. These are luxury campsites around the world where travelers can reserve an outdoor “hotel room”. These rooms are often elegant tents, pods, or yerts, set up with comfortable beds, restrooms, fully-equipped mini kitchens, and other amenities like electricity, heating, and air conditioning, televisions, DVD players, and more.

Luxury Ride

Whether you are glamping near or far it is best to travel in style. After all, this is a luxury camping trip. You can rent a luxury sedan or SUV for the ride or pull out all the stops with an RV with all the bells and whistles.

Create your Itinerary

Many glampsites and glamping resorts have plenty of activities on or near the premises for you to indulge in. Before your trip, take a look at what there is to do so you can plan accordingly. If you are near the beach or a river, you might want to bring your iSUP inflatable paddle boards and ride the water. Perhaps you are interested in fishing or going for a hike? Do not be afraid to try new things because that is what luxury vacations are all about.

What to Pack

Here comes the fun part – packing! Obviously, you are going to need to take more than you would for a traditional trip, but packing for a glamping trip is a lot easier than a camping trip. For instance, you won’t need to pack a tent or a mini grill because if you have opted to stay at a glampsite, all of these things are provided for you. Be that as it may, you will still need to bring quite a bit. This will include bedding (if not provided), food, drinks, lights (candles, lanterns, etc), cookware and dishes (if necessary), clothes, shoes, gear for activities (i.e. fishing poles, hiking gear, etc), toiletries, and entertainment like laptops, books, games, and more.

Everyone should consider going on an outdoor vacation at least once in their lives. The experience of tapping into nature is unlike any other. If you are not quite ready to go full-on camping, however, a luxury camping trip can be just as eye-opening. Giving you the best of both worlds, a glamping trip amazingly combines the great outdoors with the many comforts of home.

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