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Keeping track of your road trip experience: Travel Stamps U.S National Park and United States Series

Steven, Gordo and I are on an epic road trip across the United States for the second time. During our first US road trip we tried collecting magnets, postcards and shot glasses, but by the end of the trip we had so many different items in our car that it was hard to make it a collection. Ultimately we bought a map and drew our road trip route. It was cool and we spent too much money on on the potential collections and we were not fully satisfied with the final product.

Picking the right souvenir: Travel Stamps

For our second road trip around the United States we thought ahead and found Travel Stamps. We partnered with them for both a National Park Stamp Book and United States Album. So far we are loving the National Park Stamp Book as we not have to arrive at each park’s visitor center during the business hours.

While the stickers for the National Parks are available in many of the National Park stores, we brought the entire set of NP stickers with us so we do not have to worry about buying the stamps in each location, and just enjoy adding it in our little book. Sometimes, when we arrive at a visitor center we also stamp the booklet with the unique stamps that every national park has as an added bonus and date stamp.

Yes, we do have a National Park Passport, the one that you can buy at pretty much at any visitor center to fill with the dated rubber stamps. But to be honest we do not like it as much as it is not as pretty and  you need to worry about getting to each park in to collect the stamps or buy the stickers, along with remembering to bring it with you.

A work of art with a travel memory

Our favorite thing about the travel stamps collection is that each stamp is actually colorfully designed by an artist. It builds more than just a memory of each national park or state that we visited, but also a beautiful souvenir of each spot. This way we do not need to collect additional postcards or magnets to build a visual collection. Both stamp books also comes with handy information of the each region and what you could spect to see from each national park or state in a colored coordinated breakdown.

In the end of either book there is a space to add completion stickers of each region and of all 50 States and National Parks called “I saw them all” stamps.

More than just a stamp book: A travel loving community

The coolest part about Travel Stamps for us is that it is more than just a stamp book to collect our adventure memories. They also promote and maintain an active travel loving community across their social media platforms.

While we were visiting Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, we made a quick stop at the headquarters of Travel Stamps and met with the owners, Shane and Erika Ring. It was amazing to see how this father and daughter run family has grown a community of people who are excited to explore all the United States and its national parks has to offer.

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