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Our Top 20 Destinations in the Last Decade & Hottest Destinations in 2024

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In ten short years we met, got married, created Travel To Blank, explored dozens of countries together, and so much more. As we look back at the 10 best destinations we visited in the last decade, we also look forward to our ultimate 2024 bucket list.

Our Top 10 Destinations in the Last Decade

1. Marrakesh, Morocco

Nestled in the northern foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is the fourth largest city in Morocco. The city of Marrakech overwhelms your senses with its rich aromas, sights, and colors buildings living you in a state amazement.

Marrakech is full of incredible architecture, history, and culture. The best part of Marrakech is staying in the extravagant riads with the traditional courtyards and pools.

2. The Galapagos, Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands are well known for the initial observations in Charles Darwin’s On The Origin of Species. Visiting this remote Ecuadorian archipelago is one of the best places in the world to see wildlife. From snorkeling with sharks and sea lions to photographing blue footed boobies and hiking alongside giant tortoise, The Galapagos is truly a unique destination.

3. Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

Iguazu Falls straddles the Argentinian and Brazil border as the largest waterfall in the world. While you can witness this massive natural wonder from both countries our highlight was the overlook on the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls where you can feel the rumble of the water crashing over the falls below your feet.

4. Arequipa, Peru

Grazing llamas, breathtaking colonial architecture and amazing views of the volcano Misti; what more can you ask for in Arequipa, Peru.

5. Madrid, Spain

We lived in Madrid for nearly a year so had plenty of time to explore its diverse neighborhoods and enjoy the relaxed Spanish way of life. Our favorite things to do in Madrid include El Retiro Park, Gran Via, and of course The Royal Palace.

6. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is a modern city just several miles from the historic Angkor Wat temple complex. Explore the vast ruins and the bustling city of Siem Reap.

7. Iceland

No matter if you are driving the entire Ring Road of Iceland or only have enough time to see the Golden Circle, Iceland is full of beautiful natural landscapes and breathtaking glaciers.

8. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is Jazmin’s favorite city in the United States with its modern atmosphere and unique neighborhoods.

9. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is now most well known from Game of Thrones, but this historic city has intact 16th century city walls and all its beauty within.

10. Tallinn, Estonia

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn

Take a trip back in time in the Old Town of Tallinn with its medieval medieval towers, churches, cobblestone streets and well preserved ancient walls.

The 10 Best Places To Travel In 2024 For Your Vacations

The Expedia 2024 Travel Trends Report highlights the new top destinations for 2024 that are seeing an increased awareness among international travelers. The report includes hidden gems, exotic beaches and small charming towns.

We have compiled the best places to travel in 2024 that should make it on to your 2024 bucket list. Let the new year and new decade be full of travel and exploration!

1. Calgary, Canada

2. Lima, Peru

3. Florence, Italy

4. Bora Bora

5. Galapagos, Ecuador

6. Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

7. Patagonia, Chile and Argentina

8. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

9. Phuket, Thailand

10. Niagara Falls

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