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ShadeTree Sunglasses Review

There is never a trip where we do not pack our number one travel accessory; sunglasses! No matter the destination or season, sunglasses will come in handy on any adventure. Protect your eyes from the sun, sand, wind or glare all while sprucing up your outfit and photographs.

Sunglasses can easily become an afterthought when packing, but finding the right ones will put them the top of your packing list.

That is why we are happy owners of several pairs of ShadeTree Sunglasses. We have grown quite the collections of sunglasses we think are ok, but were still on the lookout for a great pair of shades to travel with, until we found these.

ShadeTree Sunglasses Review

Protecting your eyes

For us, the most important thing a pair of sunglasses can do is protect the eyes, especially because Jaz has sensitive eyes. All of ShadeTree sunglasses come with 100% UV Blocking Polarized Lenses, perfect for any situation.

No matter if it is sand, snow or water reflecting the bright sun on you during your travels, these sunglasses work wonders. Your eyes will thank you for wearing them!

ShadeTree Sunglasses in Guayaquil

Wear them with comfort

The key to any great pair of sunglasses is their comfort. We find the ShadeTree sunglasses to fit snuggly on our face. Comfortable, with no risky feeling that they will fall off no matter what activity we are up to. Steven’s favorite feature is the spring hinges, so the sunglasses fit on his large head.

The sunglasses have two very different and unique designs. One is a more classic unisex design, perfect for Steven, while the other is more of a feminine design, perfect for Jaz. The wood and cork itself is also nice and smooth, showing the care put into crafting each pair.

ShadeTree Sunglasses

Sunglasses with style

We have two different styles of sunglasses, both the Cork Confetti – Burnt Orange and the The Red Panda – Real Cork Wood. Since it is made with real cork, the colors on the frames will be completely unique for every pair.

The sunglasses also come in a bamboo case with a microfiber bag. We love this idea as not only does it keep them clean, but safe as well. We have previously left sunglasses in just a microfiber pouch and they end up magically bent or damaged, now there is no more fear of that!

Not only do the sunglasses have style, but so does ShadeTree as company. Dedicated to reducing their environmental impact, they create the handcrafted frames from responsibly-sourced wood. You can feel great while looking good.

We cannot wait to head out on our next adventure to chill with our new shades.

We would love for you to get your own pair of sunglasses so here is a coupon for 10% off.

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Rick Kingstad

Saturday 6th of January 2018

Is there a warranty? The frame around the lens broke.

Travel To Blank

Saturday 6th of January 2018

I am not sure, as we have not had any issues with our sunglasses. It is best to email them directly at [email protected].