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The Ultimate Travel Gift Guide for Female Travelers

After many years of traveling constantly we have gained a better appreciation for the value of physical items. We understand that sometimes having less is actually having more, especially when you are trying to fit it all in a carry on bag. That is why we came up with a gift guide of our favorite travel related items that every female travel blogger needs to have in their travel bag.
These are all perfect gifts for that special nomad in your life. We have chosen items with a range of prices to meet your gift giving needs. The most important thing is to make traveling light and fun!

Looking for the best gifts for a travel nomad?

 Carry On Luggage 

Carry ons can get expensive, making it a really nice holiday gift. It makes for a perfect weekend trip or international flights. Upgrade your favorite traveler’s luggage game today!

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 Content Planner

It is hard to be a blogger. You have to be on top of your game and work pretty much all day. It is essential to be organized to grow your business. This content planner has helped us stay organized and not miss deadlines. This physical planner is made specifically for blogging and social media content producers.

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Personalized Passport Holder (RFID Travel Wallet)

There is nothing more chic than a personalized passport holder, where she can store her passport, money and travel documents. It is the perfect gift for any female traveler out there. It helps keeping you organized and your travel documents safe.

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Smartphone Photo Printer

The Instax Printer effectively turns your iPhone into a Polaroid camera. It produces prints instantly. It prints any photo you have on your phone via their app.

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eBags Packing Cubes Classic Plus Set

We are new with packing cubes and we love them! They make the packing/unpacking drill so much easier and enjoyable. Keep all your outfits organized and you underwear easily findable.

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Travel Jewelry Organizer

The best thing to keep your jewelry tangle free is by using a jewelry organizer. It will keep your beautiful rings, bracelets, earrings and necklace safe. We love our small travel jewelry organizer. This organizer is perfect to slip into a bag and stay organized during a trip.

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Cosmetic Travel Bag

A cosmetic travel bag has helped me a lot keeping my toiletries organized. It is a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift for that important nomad in your life. It is the perfect size to carry toiletries and makeup. What I love the most about this toiletry bag is that it is waterproof and washable!

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Nikon D5300

This DSLR is a great entry level camera for every traveller and blogger. It is great way to start out if you are looking to improve your photos from destinations around the world.

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 External Hard Drive

The best gift you can give a blogger is the security of having their photos and content backed up. These hard drives are the perfect gift for any blogger who needs to backup all of their photos. We learned the hard way when we lost all the content we produced on our Eurotrip.

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The best gift for a frequent traveler is the luxury of reading on the go and not having to worry about the weight of the entertainment. By giving an e-reader you are saving room and weight from any traveler. It is the traveler’s dream come true. It will be a great gift if you also get them an Amazon Gift Card for them to buy their first E- book.

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 Gopro Hero 8

Who does not like to take underwater photos? I love my Gopro because it is waterproof up to 33 feet without a housing. Isn’t that awesome? The brand new Hero8 Black has premium audio, 4 digital lenses, and you can create a super smooth SloMo effect from the built-in stabilization. 

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 Canon M6

This small mirrorless camera takes the perfect high quality images and videos along your adventure. Being lightweight and compact means this camera can fit in any size bag.

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Manfrotto Travel Tripod

After years of traveling we realized that the best photos of us as a couple came from a tripod. We found by asking fellow travelers for help that everyone knows how to take a picture but not how to take the perfect picture. We now always travel with a tripod to get the perfect shot.

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Portable Charger

No matter where we go we always take two portable battery packs because we use our phones a tremendous amount throughout the day. We regularly take notes on it for future blog posts, take photos, post updates plus use it for the occasional directions. A phone battery that normally lasts all day can be gone by lunch!

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TSA Approved Luggage Lock

When traveling having a lock is the best way to keep your belongings protected. It is great to use lockers in a hostel or just lock your bag locked shut while you are on the go.

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Travel Scratch Off Map

Travel scratch off maps are a great addition to any traveler’s home. It not only helps keep track of where you have been but it also inspires you to visit new destinations. We bought a map of the US after finishing our road trip to highlight route and then framed it. It is a nice reminder of our trip and of all the places you have visited.

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