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Top 7 Off The Beaten Path Destinations in India

From the emerald beaches in the south, to the snow-capped hills in the north, India has ecological wonders in store for tourists of all tastes. The western ghats, and the Sunderbans in the east, are blessed with exotic collection of both fauna and flora. While Darjeeling, Shimla, Ooty, and the like are more common and popular tourist destinations in India, there are numerous others that are lesser known. These vacations and tourist places preserve nature and its beauty, in pure and serene forms. The lesser crowded and lesser recognized tourist destinations do not fall short in amenities and comfort, though, and are as enjoyable and beautiful as the other wonder parks of India.

Here are the 7 top beautiful destinations in India which are less touristy:


The small village is located quite close to Darjeeling, in West Bengal. Earlier home to the Lepcha tribe, the picturesque region has now been converted to a reserved forestry. The combination of the nearby Kanchenjunga Himalaya hills, and the Oak, Pine and other forest trees create breathtaking and astounding views.


Majauli: Photo by Kalai Sukanta, CC BY 2.0

Located adjacent to the banks of the river Brahmaputra, Majauli (Assam) is also the largest river island in the whole world. The beautiful district harbors a number of endangered avi-fauna species, and you can watch here the migratory Siberian crane, pelican, and the “whistling teal” quite closely. The Vaishnava Sataras, handicrafts, and colorful tribes are some of the beautiful attractions of the place.

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Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso lies on the border between India and China. You will have to take permission from the Indian military to reach the region, but all pains and efforts are beautifully rewarding. The Hollow Lake offers stunning views, when the sun rays strike the lake waters at different revealing angles. The seabird gulls, and the ducks inhabit the lakes. The Ladakh region has a very scarce population, and a number of Indian movie scenes (including those from Dil Se) have been shot here.


Orchid Photo by Doron, CC BY-SA 3.0

Once the capital of Bundelhand, the Madhya Pradesh village has rich cultural, artistic, and ecological diversity and remains. The tranquil waters of the Betwa river are surrounded by a number of beautiful resorts. The ancient temples, and palaces, make the village a beautiful tourist attraction as well. The Ram Raja Temple, Raja Mahal, Jehangir Mahal (exhibiting Mughal architecture), and the Chaturbujh Temple are other places offering breathtaking views.

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Photo by Poreddy Sagar, CC BY-SA 3.0

Kurnool (located in Andhra Pradesh) makes for a beautiful and diverse offbeat vacation. The place offers spiritual solace through its wide temple range, which includes the Venugopalaswami temple, the Shirdi Sai Baba temple, and the Peta Anjaneswami temple. The other fascinating and exotic hot spots of the region include the Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary, the Birla Mandir, the Belum caves, and the Rock Garden.

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Ziro: Photo by Krish9, CC BY 3.0

The panoramic views unfolding at Ziro, the Arunanchal Pradesh village, are breathtaking. The majestic Pine grooves, the colorful tribes, and the Shiva Linga temple offer memorable sights. You can enjoy Trekking at Dolo Mando and Midey. The region also has the Talley Walley wildlife sanctuary that has a diverse collection of trees, including ferns, rhododendron, and orchids.

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Patan: Photo by Parag Sane, CC BY-SA 3.0

Patan (located in Gujarat), has been recently added to the UNSECO list of world heritage sites. The city has astounding architectural beauty, which derives from the reminiscences of its rich cultural past. The Rani Ka Vav (Queens Stepwell), talavs or lakes, forts, and the temples unfold to you the majestic and exotic story of the historical city. The place is also known for the handicraft patola saris. The fortified walls of the city have the 12 gates, and surround you in charm.

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The less touristy, and less crowded, destinations in India, are more comfortable and cheap to visit, and store a number of ancient remains, and ecological delights.

Article Written by Contributor: Rohit undertakes arduous journeys to bring to the fore the hidden delights of the tourist destinations. He brings his memoirs to Trans India Travels, and helps the readers to know more about the vacation hot spots.

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