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Travel Guide to The Armadillo Waterfall (Cascada del Salto del Armadillo), Ecuador

The Salto del Armadillo waterfall is a little more than 10 meters high and 30 to 40 meters wide. It is a waterfall is the perfect spot to visit for tourists from Manabí, Guayas and Los Ríos. Within the reserve you can see many animals including rabbit, agouti, armadillo, oncilla, partridge, hawks, and several varieties of snakes.

El Salto del Armadillo is open daily from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, but it is recommended to send them a WhatsApp message during the week to guarantee your visit. The whatsapp message can be sent to Annabel Cedeño at +593-099-0678-556.

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How to get to the Salto del Armadillo waterfall?

The Salto del Armadillo waterfall is located in the province of Manabí, within the San Ramón del Armadillo Parish in the El Carmen Canton (Manga del Cura). The Armadillo waterfall is located in a protected area ensuring you have a first class experience.

  • From Guayaquil: It is recommended to go along the vía Santa Lucía, Palestina road until you reach Quevedo. The trip is 4 hours. Drive from E49, E25, Ring Road Quevedo Section II and Troncal de la Costa / E25 to Los Ríos. Take Vía Los Ángeles – La Catorce, Via a La Catorce and Vía a La 14 until you reach the waterfalls.
  • From Quito: El Carmen is approximately 4 hours away (167 km) on the E20 road. Drive from E28A to Carr. Panamericana / Troncal de la Sierra / E20 / E35. Follow E20 and Troncal de la Costa / E25 until Vía Los Ángeles – La Catorce in Los Ríos. Continue on Vía Los Ángeles – La Catorce until you reach the waterfall.
  • From Quevedo: Enter Paraíso la 14 until you reach a fork, where the signs indicate where the waterfall is located. The drive is about an hour and a half. Follow the Troncal de la Costa / E25. ake Via Los Ángeles – La Catorce, from there take Via a La Catorce until you reach the waterfall.
  • From Manta: You enter from the El Carmen canton. The journey from Manta is 4 and a half hours. Take Av. Maria Auxiliadora, to via 108, Vía Puerto – Aeropuerto and Vía Rocafuerte until Ruta del Spondylus / E15. Follow the Ruta del Spondylus / E15 and E38 to the Paso Lateral de El Carmen. Take the Vía a La Bramadora until you reach the waterfall.

What types of activities are available at the Armadillo waterfall?

Tourists can visit the top of the waterfall to start out, for free. To access the base of the waterfall you have to enter the waterfall complex with an entrance fee of $ 2 USD per person. From the base you can access the river and bathe under the waterfalls. The complex has parking, bathrooms, restaurant and several camping sites. At the base of the waterfall There is also a small shore surrounded by plants many large trees.

Other activities available are canyoning, only if you have the equipment, or you can rent a tube for $2 USD and relax in the river, or take an excursion to nearby farms for only $15 per group. The complex also has a free Volleyball court with a ball to loan.

At the top there is a beautiful pedestrian bridge that takes you to the base and the Brisas de las Cascadas complex. This complex has hammocks, a restaurant and lodging.

Where to stay at the Armadillo waterfall?

At the Salto del Armadillo waterfall you will find a tourist complex that offers camping spots and four private rooms. Private rooms are $25 a night for up to two adults and two children. If you need an extra mattress it is an additional $10.

For camping there are two options: the first is to bring your own equipment and in that case it only costs $8 USD if there are two people in the tent, this includes access to the showers and toilets. If you do not have your own camping equipment, you can rent a set that includes a mat, sheets, and pillows for $16 a tent for two people. The complex begins its quiet time at 9:30 PM each evening.

The complex also allows you to use its limited kitchen facilities including an oven and refrigerator for a daily cost of $5 or you can eat in the restaurant with lunch from $ 4.50 and dinner between $ 5.50 to $ 6.50. Sodas start at $0.50.

Important information to visit the Salto del Armadillo Waterfall

  • WiFi: There is limited WiFi that has slow speeds and is only available in the cafeteria not at the base of the waterfall.
  • Payment method: At the moment only cash is accepted. There is no ATM, so bring enough cash.
  • Parking: Parking is included in the cost of ticket.
  • Pets: Pets are permitted but must remain on leash. Please make sure to pick up after your pets
  • Temperatures: The average temperature is 22º C.
  • Less water: During the summer, the water level drops to form a pleasant lagoon with a beach at the bottom of the waterfall.

What should I pack to go to the Salto del Armadillo waterfall?

Here is a list of everything we recommend you take to the waterfall:

  • Water shoes, sneakers or rubber shoes.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Bathing suit
  • Towels
  • Water (Although you can buy bottled water at the restaurant)
  • Beach chair and umbrella to sit at the base of the waterfall
  • Camera
  • Waterproof case for your phone and camera
  • Mosquito repellent

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