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What To Visit and Do in Prague in 48 Hours

Prague is one of our favorite cities in Europe, full of history and breathtaking buildings. When visiting Prague you feel like you took a trip back in time and stepped right into the middle of a magical fairytale. We have been in Prague several times and it has never been enough time to explore the whole city to the depth we would like. Prague has many museums and small streets to get lost and explore. It is truly a paradise for any photographer and wanderlust out there. 

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We have selected our favorite things to do and see in Prague in just two days or 48 hours. We want you to see all the highlights of Prague and have a blast while traveling.

Prague Walking Map:

What to do and visit in Prague in 48 Hours:

1. Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is the most important and beautiful bridge in all of Prague, crossing the Vltava river. The bridge has 30 statues, the majority of which are replicas with the original ones housed at the National Museum of Prague. Make a stop at the Saint John Nepomuceno statue to make a wish. 

2. Take a photo of the Dancing House

Take a photo of the Dancing House

Make sure to check out this post with the most fantastic buildings in Prague.

3. Visit the Old Town Square and the Astronomic Clock

Old Town Square and the Astronomic Clock

There is a legend that after the Astronomic Clock was finished, they blinded the person who built it so he could not make another clock with the same level of beauty. 

While in the Old Town Square make sure to make your way to the top of the clock tower for a fantastic 360 degree view of the city. For a more unique view over the square U Prince Hotel Terrace also has a great viewpoint as you can see the church and the astronomical clock. 

On your way out of the square do not forget to visit the Our Lady of Tyn church. 

4. Go up the Powder Tower

Powder Tower

Climb all the steep and challenging stairs to the top of the Powder Tower to reach the viewpoint over Prague. 

5. Enjoy a show at the Black Light Theater

Head to the Black Light Theater for a a show full of vibrant colors shining under the black light. It is one of the most unique shows in Prague and anywhere we have been in our travels. The most popular show at the theatre is an interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. 

6. Take photos at the John Lennon Wall

John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall is an always transforming mural dedicated to the freedom of speech with a focus on love and peace. It is a really colorful part of Prague and worth stopping by on every visit to Prague to see how it has evolved. 

7. Take a Free Walking Tour

It is the best way to learn all the rich history of Prague and the stories behind all the beautiful architecture around the city is by taking one of the many free walking tours in Prague. There are a range of free tours you can chose from, depending on what time you would like to go, or if you are looking for a general history or a tour focused on a single aspect of Prague.

8. Enjoy a show at the Prague National Theater or at the National Opera House

In the evening enjoy a performance at the Prague National Theater or at the National Opera House with a wide range of dance and dramatic performances on the calendar.

9. Visit the National Museum of Prague

National Museum of Prague

The National Museum of Prague is the most important museum in Prague with over 200 active exhibits. Even if you decide not to go inside you still need to see the stunning building from the outside. 

10. Clementinum


After the Prague Castle, the Clementinum is the second largest complex in Prague. It is home of Prague’s first University and today houses the National Library in one of the most awe inspiring works of architecture. It is right near the Charles Bridge, so if you have time make sure to check it out. 

11 . Take a boat tour

Take a boat tour in Prague

Prague is beautiful from the ground and its many viewpoints, but even more so from the river. Take an hour long boat tour on the Vltava to witness the beauty of the city from a new angle and perspective.

12. Cross the Manes Bridge

Crossing the Manes Bridge you are met with fantastic views of the city, the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle. 

13. Swan Feeding 

 Swan Feeding in Prague

We found this stunning spot between the Manes Bridge and the Kafka Museum, filled with swans. Stop by near sunset for a perfect view of the city and the Charles Bridge. 

14. Visit the Franz Kafka and eat a ginger bread cookie afterwards

Franz Kafka

In the museum you can learn about the life and work of the Jewish novelist, Franz Kafka. Outside of the museum there is this cute little shop where you can see how the gingerbread cookies are made and taste a fresh cookie. 

15. Visit the Prague Castle Complex

Prague Castle Complex

Within the massive Prague Castle Complex make sure to at least visit the Golden Lane, the St Vitus Cathedral and the Castle Museum as you can easily spend the entire day here. 

16. Walk the Jewish Neighborhood and Visit the Synagogues

Synagogues in Prague

Walk around the historic Jewish Neighborhood of Prague, home to one of the oldest Jewish communities in Europe. There are so many beautiful synagogues to explore including the Pinkas, Maisel, Jerusalem, Spanish, Klausen and Old-New Synagogues. 

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What to eat and drink in Prague:

1. Potato Chips on a Stick

Potato Chips on a Stick

2. Pilsen Beer and Hot Wine

Pilsen Beer and Hot Wine

3. Trdelnik and Langos

Trdelnik Prague Trdelnik is a spit cake, wrapped around a metal rod and baked over open coals. It is often filled with soft serve ice cream for the best desert or snack in all of Prague. Langos are a fried dough that are most often served warm, covered in sour cream and cheese or a garlic sauce.

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