Exploring the rainforest of Puyo, Ecuador

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGr0jReXzTI We drove to Puyo, Ecuador, the start of the Amazon Rainforest, seven hours from Guayaquil. Our visit to Puyo was just for the weekend, staying two nights and one day. We took a one day tour called Selva Hola Vida with Patricio of Native Jungle Tours. He was honest with us and

Dolphin Watching in Playas, Ecuador

When traveling in Ecuador, the most surprising thing is the diversity the small country. Just head to the southern coast and you will even get the chance to see dolphins! The El Morro Port is located near Playas (officially known as General Villamil Playas) or a one hour and a half drive

Road Trip of the Spondylus Route in Ecuador

The Spondylus route covers all the provinces in Ecuador that are considered part of the coast region, from  Loja, a highland province in the south of Ecuador, to Peru in the north. The amazing thing about this route is that it follows the coast line, so while you drive you can enjoy

Walking Guide of Baños, Ecuador

Baños de Agua Santa is located in central Ecuador, and is known for being the "Gateway to the Amazon," as it is the last major city before the jungle begins. The vast mountainous area is prime for natural beauty and waterfalls, as well as many adventure sports. Banos Tourism Map: Top Attractions in Banos: La

Exploring Quito, Ecuador

Quito is the capital of Ecuador, and the second largest city. Established during the 16th century on Inca ruins, Quito became the first city in the world to be declared by UNESCO a cultural heritage for the humanity in 1978. The city has more history than buildings. There are more things

Complete Road Trip Guide of Northern Ecuador

I just got back from a road trip of northern Ecuador. Northern Ecuador is full of mountains, forests, rivers and everything green. Two places that were not on our trip route, but still made it into this travel guide are Quito and Cotopaxi. That is because we have already visited both of

Exploring Quilotoa, Ecuador

Our trip to Quilotoa was a stop on a longer Northern Ecuador roadtrip. See our complete Northern Ecuador travel guide. We headed back towards Guayaquil in a less than direct way to visit the town of Quilotoa, known for the famous Quilotoa lake, with clear blue waters. Along the route, we spotted a pull off packed

Exploring Otavalo, Ecuador

Our trip to Otavalo was a stop on a longer Northern Ecuador road trip. See our complete Northern Ecuador travel guide. Otavalo is located 3 hours from Mindo and 90 minutes north of Quito. One thing we learned is that if your are not starting your northern Ecuador road trip in Quito, that Otavalo