Seven Best Places to Visit in Europe during Autumn

Autumn is arguably our favorite season to visit Europe. The summer heat is gone and the tourist crowds are back in school or work. Take advantage of the lingering warmth to visit the top destinations in Europe without paying high season prices. Our favorite part about Europe in Autumn is the underlying golden glow from the changing leaves to fledgling sunsets.

Of course there are endless destinations to visit in Europe during autumn and they cannot all make our list. So please let us know your favorite fall time spot in the comments below.

1. Moscow, Russia

The short autumn of Moscow brings a burst of energy as the city comes back to life after the relaxing summer months. With many new cultural exhibitions beginning, autumn is the time to visit. Just remember to bring layers as autumn can quickly turn to winter in Russia.

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Summer may be over, but the warm weather lingers in Lisbon. Before the winter rains come, take advantage of the off season of autumn to indulge on the Pastel de nata and classic yellow trams. Even if the weather does not cooperate one day, you can head to one of the many museums along the river.

3. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a charming little city that looks like you have stepped back into medieval times. As the leaves turn and the weather cools it is the perfect time to slip away for a short visit to Bruges. Enjoy the emptier streets and delicious hot chocolate.

4. Barcelona, Spain

The mild temperatures in Barcelona make this beachside city perfect for fall time travels. Take advantage of this less busy season to visit all the tourist sites without them overflowing. Enjoy the beaches, cafes and late night adventures for which Spain is so well known.

5. Bordeaux, France

Autumn in Bordeaux means harvest season in one of the world’s most famous wine regions. Witness the vibrant colored grapes be picked, the start of the winemaking process and of course taste some delicious wine tasting. While it may be the busiest season for Bordeaux, it is for a beautiful reason!

6. Cappadocia, Turkey

Avoid the intense summer heat and crowds and witness the colorful orchards of Cappadocia. Hop in a hot air balloon to float above this breathtaking landscape.

7. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities we have visited in autumn. Golden hues bounce around the city for some amazing photography. The fresh markets are also bustling with the new autumn fruits and vegetables, especially the illustrious Turkish figs.

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