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The Best Slippers for Women and Men: Haflinger wool Clogs Review

The Best Slippers for Women and Men: Comfortable Haflinger wool clogs

The Best Slippers for Women and Men: Comfortable Haflinger wool clogs

Steven has a pair of the Haflinger Kris Grizzly and Jazmin loves her new Haflinger Adjust. Both sets of clogs feature the classic rough wool design, each with its own set of flair. The Kris design has an additional red leather piece at the heel of the shoe, which not only improves the durability, but gives it a bit of personality.

The Haflinger Adjust includes a leather strap to adjust the fit of the shoe depending on how you want to wear them. At the same time it adds more of a fashion sense to the traditional clog look.

Simple to slide on and off your feet the clogs are simple and easy to wear. The clogs also feature a small lip in the back, which gives them more of a shoe like feel and help keep them on your feet. We had no trouble walking around in them all day and found it easy to kick off when we want to lay back and relax.

Both clogs feature a water resistant rubber soul, which means you can also use them outside without having to worry about switching shoes at the door.

Keep your feet warm and cozy

Keep your feet warm and cozy

The Haflinger’s breathable wool keeps our feet nice and warm, without getting sweaty, which is perfect for the cold winter in Boston. It is pleasantly surprising how warm our feet remained without even having to wear socks.

It is great to wear indoors rather than a pair of slippers as it provides breathability, arch support and the much needed anti-slip. They also do not scuff wooden floors, which is a valuable bonus, while maintaining the thick sole.haflinger leather clogs offers more than just Haflinger clogs, they also sell GIESSWEIN and Kitzbuehel wool slippers, so you have many great designs and options under one roof!

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