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Tech21 Macbook Pro Snap Case Review

tech21 macbook pro case

As travel writers our computer go through more wear and tear than the average users. Traveling around the world does take a toll on our electronics. We finally got fed up with the scratches and decide to seek out for a study laptop cover.

After doing some research and reading a lot of reviews we landed on Tech21. We love it so far. Even though the price is higher than some of its competitors, you are receiving a higher quality product. Keep in mind that a computer is quite an investment so you should also invest in a case that will protect it from bumps and drops.

tech21 macbook pro case review

The Snap Case from Tech21 is made of FlexShock impact material, which protects your computer from bumps and drops while it is still light and comfortable. The cases consists of two separate pieces; one for the screen and the other one for the base. The purpose of FlexShock is to absorb as much force as possible upon any impact.

We love the high quality material used in this case. The cheap plastic material used in my previous $50 cases easily broke and actually ended up scratching my computer.

tech 21 macbook pro case

The case easily snaps onto your Macbook. It is made to to fit perfectly and not cover any of the ports. It also has a low profile non-slip feet that helps reduce vibrations which makes your typing more comfortable.

The case has a smooth touch gel-ish that makes for a good grip when carrying the laptop. All cases come with a lifetime warranty just in case anything does go wrong.

We have an old 13 inches Macbook Pro so the only colors available were clear and purple, if you have a new Macbook Pro then you can choose from pink, purple, blank and clear. Protect your computer today before it dents tomorrow!

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