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What to Pack for Havasu Falls? The Complete Packing List For Havasu Falls

The Havasupai Tribal Council has announced Havasu Falls will reopen starting February 1, 2023 for current permit holders. This is for permit holders originally from the 2020 season that have held on to their permits or purchased permits from the official transfer list.

Due to the cancellation of the 2022 tourist season, reservations will be rescheduled for the same date in 2023, no new permits will be sold. This applies to Campground, Lodge, and Pack Mule reservations. If you are looking for a ticket to Havasu Falls, regularly check the transfer list at

In this guide we will share you the ultimate packing list For Havasu Falls. We love hiking and walking, it is no wonder why we create walking guides! To be honest, Havasu Falls was our first backpacking trip. It was a little bit scary but exciting at the same time. What we loved about this hike is that you can do it as rough or posh as you want it to be.

You used to be able to go to Havasu Falls for the day or for two days and one night but the tribe now requires that every visit to Havasu Falls is for 3 nights/4 days. For a chance at a hiking permit, you have to create an online account prior to February 1st at 8:00 AM MST, when tickets go on sale. Make sure to be ready as the tickets sell fast! You can leave early if you choose to do so, but you will still have to pay for the whole time.

What we mean by that is you can hike in, sleep in a campground, and carrying everything you need or you can take the helicopter in and out, stay at the lodge and buy whatever you need at the village stores, or any level of adventure in between.

For us we wanted to do in the middle, we brought what was needed and nothing else, we decided that if we forgot something we could always buy it in Supai. We ended up taking the exact right amount of supplies and gear with us!

The amount of items you take depends on how much you plan on hiking in Havasu Falls over the 4 days and 3 nights. Each person has their own level of needs and comforts, so while this is the perfect packing list for us, make sure to adapt it for how you plan on hiking. We did the hike at the end of a three month road trip, so are quite comfortable with minimal supplies.

Complete 2023 Havasu Falls Packing List:

Now that you got your permit, you are probably wondering what to pack for your upcoming hike to Havasu Falls and that is when this guide comes super handy. The first thing you need to be aware for packing your essentials is that it is a 10-mile hike through canyons until you reach the Havasu Falls campground. In the campground you will only find a picnic table, so you pretty much need everything else! In this packing list we have include everything that we packed for our trip to Havasu Falls and we hope it helps you too!

Camping gear for Havasu Falls:

1. Hiking Bag: Let’s start with the basics, the bag that will carry everything in! It is important to choose the right backpack for you as you will be carrying it for at least 20 miles on your shoulders round trip. We took our Osprey backpack for this trip as it is not only lightweight but has enough space to bring the clothing we need, our food, blanket, Camelbak bladder, tent, tripod and an extra gallon of water. If you have your own hiking bag of preference that works as well, just make sure the bag is not too big as you will find yourself filling it up! When choosing a bag keep in mind the following tips: that the harness is adjustable, that the straps have pads and are wide enough for you to be comfortable, that it has an adjustable hip belt, does it has enough space and pockets? and lastly does it has a rain cover?

2. A lightweight tent or a hammock: If you go between the April and September it should be warm enough that you can sleep in your hammock comfortably. While an expensive backpacking tent is a great investment, you can get away with even a simple $25 tent. Just be aware that the tent you choose is going to be the only thing keeping you warm and dry at night at Havasu Falls. Try to choose a lightweight tent as it can be the heaviest item in your backpack.

3. Sleeping bag or a blanket: We took a lightweight blanket. Visiting in the second week of April it was hot during the day and a little chilly at night.

4. Sleeping Pad and inflatable pillow: We did not bring one as we visited Havasu Falls three months into a road trip around the United States, so we were used to sleeping on a hard floor. If this is not your case, bring a sleeping pad! A sleeping pad will make a huge difference in your quality of sleep as it adds some padding to the rocky ground and shields you from the cold ground. I love bringing my full size pillow everywhere I go but the less you bring the better, trust us!

5. Headlamp or lightweight inflatable lanterns: In case you choose to leave really early in the morning while it is still dark. We did not bring any as we knew we were going to leave after it was light to see without a light. It is important to bring a headlamp to go to the bathroom at night as it is pitch black. Make sure to pack extra batteries for the headlamp. Another great option is the lightweight inflatable lanterns to hang around your camp while you are cooking and eating. 

Cooking gear for Havasu Falls:

6. Camelbak 3L Bladder: Nothing is more important that staying hydrated. Carry water with you at all times, even if you are just taking a short walk to the waterfalls, as it gets really sunny and hot. A 3L bladder will be enough as as you can refill at the campground and at the village at the visitor center. Of course, bring the right amount of water knowing how much you drink when hiking, remembering it is eight miles before the first fill up spot.

7. Knife, Spork and collapsible bowl: Keep your food dishes simple and avoid any extra items to carry. We did not even bring a bowl as our tuna pouches provided ample room to prepare and eat from.

8. Compact Stove: To be honest we did not bring a stove with us as all of our food were packaged and did not require heating, to limit the amount of required gear. Four days without cooking is not that bad, just do not expect to eat the same way as at home! If you end up bringing a compact stove do not forget about the propane or bet your luck that one of the other visitors left their extra tanks.

Food to pack for Havasu Falls:

We brought enough food for 4 days and 3 nights to keep us going and full of energy during our stay. We saw many people creating fully prepared meals, which meant carrying plenty of cooking gear, which is something we avoided to keep our bags light. Remember it is only a couple of days and eating fancy is not needed. In case you need more food be aware that there are a few food stands and a small market in the Supai village, which is 2 miles from the campsite.

9. Trail Mix and Candy: It is important to keep your blood sugar levels up and have plenty of protein during the hike plus it is a delicious snacks!

10. Protein Bars: We brought ten for each of us and did not even finish them all. Some other options include Beef Jerky, peanut butter, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate and granola bars. It is all up to what you like snacking on when you are hiking.

11. Tuna, raisins and mayo: Tuna salad is perfect for a delicious lunch and dinner. It does get repetitive, but pack some extra mix-ins like nuts or sauces for variety.

12. Crackers: Great to put the tuna on or just have as a snack on its own, so pick a flavor you enjoy.

13. Gatorade Powder: Having the extra boost is great, without having to worry about carrying around all the extra weight of carrying the Gatorade and being stuck without any plain water.

14. If you are bringing a stove do not forget the cooking oil, salt and pepper.

15. Biodegradable soap, scrub pad and trash bags.

Be aware of the squirrels in Havasu Falls. It is really important to properly pack your food in separate bags. Do not leave the food inside your tent, try to hang it from a branch far away from the trunk of the tree.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden by the tribe and is illegal to possess on tribal lands so please do not bring any alcohol with you!

Clothing list for hiking Havasu Falls:

It is too easy to pack an outfit, or even two for every day you are in Havasu Falls. But the reality is, you will not change as often as you think. Make sure to check the weather before departing for your hike to ensure you have the appropriate clothing packed. The only extra clothing Steven brought besides what he was wearing is socks and his bathing suit, but he is an extreme example.

16. Thick socks: These are not only essential for comfortable hiking, but keep your feet warm at night.

17. Hiking Boots

18. Waterproof shoes or flip flops

19. Swimsuit

20. A pair of shorts (or hiking pants, depending on the weather)

21. 2 pairs of underwear: You can also opt to wear the bathing suit full time if it is comfortable. Sports bra for the ladies are great as they can double as a bathing suit as well.

22. 2X shirts: Short sleeve, long sleeve, or no sleeves, it is up to you!

23. Lightweight Jacket and a lightweight rain jacket: Not only can it get chilly at night, but it is a great sun protector.

24. A hat: It does get sunny, especially on the hike out.

25. Sunglasses

26. Hiking Boots and waterproof shoes: Please invest in a good pair of hiking shoes. I was wearing Steven’s hiking boots, and they were too big for me and gave me a lot of blisters. Use your boots before going on this hike, never try new shoes in a hike this long. You need to feel comfortable and have the shoes used to your feet to avoid blisters. Check out this complete guide with the best hiking boots for women

Make sure to bring waterproof shoes as well, as you need to cross the creek several times throughout your adventure in Havasu Falls. It is also recommended to wear waterproof shoes when swimming in the waterfalls to protect your feet from the rocky bottom.

27. Microfiber Towel: You will need to dry off after your time at the waterfalls, they dry fast and are super lightweight.

Toiletries list for hiking Havasu Falls:

28. Sunscreen

29. Toothbrush and travel-size toothpaste

30. Baby biowipes: They will always come handy.

31. Travel-size deodorant

32. Tylenol or Advil

33. Lip balm

34. Bandaids and Blister-Aids

Camera Gear and Electronics

Havasu Falls is every photographer dream come true; it is beautiful and if you wake up early it is nearly empty! Although drones are not allowed in Havasu Falls you can still get an amazing photos from different viewpoints.

34. Drybag

35. Power Bank

36. Solar Charger

37. Camera

38. Fully charged camera batteries

39. Small daypack

40. Book

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