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What To Do in Menorca in One Day: Travel Guide to Ciutadella and the Beaches

The small island of Menorca is one of the Spanish Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. The island has a rich 2,000 year history, due to its strategic port location. Nowadays it has the perfect combination of history, culture, good food and relaxing beaches.

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What to do in Menorca in one day Travel Video:

There are two main ways to get to Menorca, via ferry or plane. We suggest taking a ferry from the nearby island of Majorca as the airport is an hour drive away from Ciutadella de Menorca. We have your complete walking guide to the city along with a walking path to the islands best beaches, accessible by public bus.

What to do and see in Ciutadella de Menorca walking map:

The best things to see and do on Menorca: Ciutadella de Menorca

Plaça d’es Born

Obelisk Ciutadella Menorca

At the center of the city’s beautiful main square is a giant obelisk who died fighting off the Turks in the 16th century. In the summer, around the square are many artisans selling their local work.

Town Hall of Menorca

Town Hall Minorca

The town hall served for centuries as a royal castle and gubernatorial hall until the capital of the island was moved to Mahón. This is also the location of the tourist information center.

Bastió des Governador

Behind the town hall you can find a small medieval citadel with a panoramic view of the port and harbour.

View from behind the Town Hall in Ciutadella

View from behind the Town Hall in Ciutadella

Surprisingly, for the best view of the city, we recommend going to the rooftop terrace of the neighboring Burger King. It is a higher viewpoint, plus you get to see the obelisk and the Town Hall.

View from the Burger King terrace in Ciutadella

View from the Burger King terrace in Ciutadella

Catedral de Santa María de Ciudadela

Catedral de Santa María de Ciudadela

This 14th century cathedral has a deep history. Inside you can enjoy the relatively simple architecture and its golden glow. Entrance tickets cost €5, which also gets entrance to the Museo Diocesa de Menorca, an old convent.

Ses Voltes

Ses Voltes, Menorca

Walking passed the Cathedral you reach Ses Voltes, historical arches. It now houses many tourist shops and cafes, where you can relax and enjoy the historic charm.

Mercat Del Peix

Mercat Menorca

This is the best place in Menorca to eat the freshest fish and seafood. At the fish market you buy what ever fresh fish you desire and then bring it to one of the surrounding restaurants to cook it for you for an instant amazing meal.

El Claustre de Ciutadella

A large Monastery which now serves as a hotel. It is worth walking by to get a photo.

Del Roser Church

A smaller and nicely decorated church that will round off your tour of the city.

Blue Water Beaches of Menorca Walking Trail

The entire island of Menorca is encircled by an ancient walking trail, Camí de Cavalls. This 186 km path follows the coast, giving access to all the beaches of the island. The most beautiful stretch of the trail is 13km from Cap d’Artrutx to Cala en Turqueta.

Son Saura

Son Saura Menorca

Playa de Bellavista

Playa de Bellavista

Cala en Turqueta

Menorca 2009 - Cala En Turqueta

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Friday 25th of November 2016

We have been many times to Mallorca, which is also amazing but somehow we never made it so far to Menorca and I am really wondering why. Especially after reading your great post and these amazing pictures...I feel like wanna go there imediately. Thank you for sharing your experiences :)

Travel To Blank

Friday 25th of November 2016

Menorca makes for an amazing day trip from Mallorca! If you are that close there is no reason not to go.


Friday 25th of November 2016

I worked on an archaeological excavation for 3 weeks on Menorca while doing my archaeology degree! It's an absolutely gorgeous place, and you've captured it so well with your lovely photos! Sadly I didn't have much time to explore the island as we were hard at work excavating a Roman necropolis most of the time, but I did stay in the center of Ciutadella and get to walk through Ses Voltes every day on the way to catch the bus to the excavation site! Thanks for bringing back some great memories! =)

Travel To Blank

Friday 25th of November 2016

That does sound like an amazing opportunity though. You got to get to know the island on a whole other level with the archaeological work!

Tia | Pennies In My Pocket

Wednesday 12th of October 2016

I love Spain but have not yet visited Menorca. I will be traveling to Barcelona next month and I cannot wait. This is definitely a city I see I will need to add to my list for the future.

Travel To Blank

Thursday 13th of October 2016

That is awesome! We also have several guides for Barcelona you should check out.